Elgato announces Eve home automation that works with iOS 8 HomeKit

Elgato duyuruldu today that it will be launching a new line of smart products at the IFA event this year that will be compatible with iOS 8 HomeKit. The announcement will include three big Elgato products namely Eve, Avea and Smart Power.

Among the three new products mentioned above, the most attractive and impressive product is the Eve. Avea, the second new product will monitor the home’s atmosphere that includes monitoring the air quality, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption. All of these sensors will be connected via Bluetooth to an iPhone or iPad via the Elgato Eve app available on the iOS App Store.

The most interesting part about these new products is that they will be fully compatible with Apple’s new HomeKit that will come in iOS 8. Apple announced HomeKit for iOS 8 at the WWDC event this year in order to provide Apple users a better and simply way to manage their home automation accessories. HomeKit will allow users to control different smart accessories from different manufactures including locks, lights and their colors, cameras, doors, thermostats, plugs, switches, fan speed etc.

Elgato’s new Avea smart LED light bulbs offer something quite interesting and unique. Unlike other smart bulbs available from other manufacturers (Philips Hue for instance), Elgato Avea smart LED bulb can pair directly via Bluetooth to a device without need a bridge in between. Users can use the Elgato Eve app to set the wake up feature on these light bulbs and change their lights color according to their mood.

It is said that Apple is working on introducing its own home automation products with all sorts of smart accessories with sensors that will allow users to manipulate the smart utilities easily using the Apple HomeKit for iOS 8. But it looks like Elgato is pushing hard to become the first company to support a fully home automation system that supports Apple’s HomeKit for iOS 8.

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