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Fix your Galaxy S6 camera failed problem with this tip

So you’ve received the message “Warning: camera failed “on your Galaxy S6. It’s sad to say, but many consumers have had this problem at some point with their Android smartphones. Believe it or not, the Galaxy S6 camera failed issue is one that can happen to even HTC, Sony, LG, and Motorola users (although the statistics behind how many are affected isn’t known).

Galaxy S6 camera failed gs6 active

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem, but it involves a little work from you. Here’s how to fix your Galaxy S6 camera failed problem:

• Press the power/standby button and you will see a gray box of options appear: power off, airplane mode, restart, and emergency mode. Select “power off” and the device will shut down.
• After you shut down the device, you’ll need to press the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons until you see the Galaxy S6 screen with “Powered By Android” appear on the device. Once this appears, release the buttons and you’ll have to wait until a screen with the words “Android recovery system” in red letters at the top of the screen in order to fix the Galaxy S6 camera failed problem. At this point, you’ll need to look down the screen until you see “wipe cache partition” in blue. Press the volume down button to move down to the cache partition option. When you’re there, press the home button to select the option. The Galaxy S6 camera failed problem is often a result of the need to clean your cache, which is a need for all Android device.
• The wipe cache partition request shouldn’t take long. After it’s done, you should see a message at the bottom of the screen in yellow that says “wipe cache partition complete.” At that point, you can use the Volume Up button to move up to the blue option that says “reboot system now.” At this point, let it reboot. It will bring the Galaxy S6 “Powered By Android” screen back up and reboot to the normal desktop screen.

Galaxy S6 camera failed 1
You should arrive at a menu with red and blue commands.
Galaxy S6 camera failed 2
After you’ve done the wipe cache partition option, you should see the words “wipe cache partition complete” in yellow letters.

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The Galaxy S6 failed camera issue is one of which the Galaxy S6 is not the only victim, but when your device is the one that’s having the trouble, you want answers instantly.

Did you enjoy our tutorial on how to fix your Galaxy S6 camera failed problem? As is the case with all Samsung devices, you can use this to fix your Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge, or Galaxy S6 edge+ failed camera problems as well. Be sure to let us know if this fixed your problem and whether or not you’re now able to use your Galaxy S6 or other Samsung device because of this tutorial.


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  1. Thanks so much for the advice. It worked. The reason others may find that it “didn’t work” for them is probably because of a few missing steps that some take for granted.

    Do as the instructions state. When you ” volume down” to “wipe cache” hold “home” until it turns green, then press “power” which is the action to select wiping cache. Then a blue no and yes will appear. At the top. And “wiping cache” will appear near the bottom. Select “yes” and then press “home” until it turns green and then press “power” to select. When the cache is wiped, the list that was originally there will appear select “reboot” press “home” until it turns green then press “power” to select. Your phone will return to its home page. Your camera should now work. Hope this helps someone.

    1. Zana thank you for the information. Unfortunately i’ve done this 4x and my camera still says warning camera failed. And for someone who is not technologically inclined, we meed folks like y’all.

  2. I found that it’s the power button not the home button that activated “wipe cache partition” and the “reboot system now”

    1. I Also found it is the Power button that selects the option, no matter how long i hold that home button ain’t noting going green. non the less it did not work for me but thanks allot for the how to buddy it seems you helped out a few others though.

      Best and Blessed

  3. Galaxy S6…didn’t work. Also (not that it really matters) but while in the menu I needed to use the power button to choose as well.

  4. Did not work. I even had my IT guru try and still nothing. This is the 3rd time this has happened to me in a year’s time. Never had this problem with my iPhone

  5. Thanks, got there in the end. STEP1: Write these instructions down!
    Apart from ‘red’ being yellow and at some point nothing appearing to happen and finding that both up and down volume controls both scrolled between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options ( click power button on ‘Yes’!) I somehow found my phone turning itself back on and the camera worked. Result for a technophobe like me! “If at first you don’t succeed…” Perseverance!

  6. Took some fumbling around but it worked. At first I thought the cache was not cleaning as there was no click or anything, but in small print at the bottom of the screen it said the cache had been wiped. I did it like 3 times until I realized I HAD done it. And now the camera works 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Not sure I did it all right…but it worked!!!! Samsung should give you a Commision…I almost bought an apple to replace this camera less phone. Thank you!

  8. Worked for me finally. Thank you. Two things I thought I had S6 but I have S5, the volume button moved the cursor up and down but it was the power button that made it happen (not the home button).

  9. This worked well for me. The only difference is that I had to press the power button to select the commands, but it says to do that at the top of the phone in that mode. Thank you!

  10. Does wiping the cache perform a factory reset as well? I do not want to factory reset my phone if I have other options.

  11. It works only for a short period of time. Problem keeps coming back. It’s NOT a permanent solution.

  12. The video and article were informative and could have been helpful i am sure; only the process did NOT fix the warning camera failed problem. I am so bummed cause i was happy happy happy when i came across this article.

  13. It worked. Thanks… just one update.
    Press the volume down button to move down to the cache partition option. When you’re there, press the home button (Twice) to select the option and the option will turn to green colour, then press the power button to proceed.

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