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GoFundMe Alternatives for Business Funding

GoFundMe leads the crowdfunding industry with its over 50 million donors. It is a platform for transferring money to those who are in need and currently, with its mission to continue to improve and to remain number one in crowdfunding industry, GoFundMe has eliminated their 5% platform fee for individual campaigns in US, UK and Canada.

Though individual campaigns have an edge in terms of its 0% platform fee, as for small entrepreneurs who are looking for crowdfund, this platform is not highly recommended, since GoFundMe focuses more on charitable causes or for medical expenses and not much for businesses.

Here are some GoFundMe alternatives for commerce and business crowdfunding:

1. Kickstarter

With over $3.5 billion pledges to its campaigns and with 140,000 successfully projects that has been funded, Kickstarter deserves to hold the top spot of this list. Kickstarter’s concept is donors support campaigns and in return they will gain rewards which are usually in products produced by entrepreneurs. Kickstarter gets 5% platform fee from funds that you have raised and 3% +$.20 payment processing fee from each pledge made.

This crowdfunding platform is recommended for artists, filmmakers, designers, musicians, etc.

2. Indiegogo

Indiegogo started as a crowdfunding platform for independent films but has expanded and is more flexible than other crowdfunding platforms as it does not prescreen projects. This is where other start-up companies get their success after Kickstarter.

This platform uses equity crowdfunding for campaigns which means donors or backers will help you with funds by purchasing shares in your company which they would see as an investment on their part.

Indiegogo is best for those who are in the tech, games and arts industry.

3. Patreon

Patreon is a rewards crowdfunding platform but is different and unique than other crowdfunding platforms due to its unlimited campaign period. Unlike with Kickstarter and Indiegogo where your campaigns end after 30 or 60 days, Patreon’s style is more of funding you on a consistent basis such as per month or per creation basis. In return, you will need to provide exclusive content to your donors. This site charges about 5% platform fee and -5% payment processing fee.

Patreon is recommended for game designers, musicians, comic book artists, journalists, podcasters, etc.

4. FundRazr

Based in Canada, FundRazr has great reputation for crowdfunding in terms of donors and campaigners. It hosts personal, business as well as charitable campaigns. They charge 5% platform fee and 2.9%+ $.30 processing fee per pledge.

5. Fundable

This platform crowdfunds exclusively to businesses. Donors receives returns through rewards and equity from campaigns. Fundable charges campaigners a monthly fee of $179 and 35% + $.30 processing fee for rewarded campaigns. Currently there are about $411 million which were crowdfunded businesses.

This platform is best for tech, food and healthcare industries.

6. Wefunder

Wefunder is known as a business-oriented crowdfunding platform where even non-accredited investors could donate or invest. Non-accredited investors are those who are not in the level of the rich. Through this, it paves way to everyone and has wider chance of getting investors. This platform comes with a one-time fee of $195 and 7% platform fee.

7. Crowdfunder

This platform is exclusive for high impact ventures. It only accepts equity campaigns that are open to accredited investors only (rich investors). Though this might be great for huge business campaigns but it also makes your pool smaller and chances are lower to be able to find investors. Crowdfunder comes with a $449 to $749 monthly subscription fee.

8. Ulule

Based in Paris, Ulule is popular and widely used in Europe. It has one of the highest success rates for crowdfunding companies. Campaigns has a limit up to 90 days and has a platform fee of 6.67% from all funds you will receive through donors using credit cards and 4.17% via PayPal or cheques.

9. Republic

Republic is similar to Wefunder which is an equity type of crowdfunding which are open to all investors. This platform is besy for egalitarians and companies which has potential to have high profits.

10. Kiva US

Kiva US is very different from all the crowdfunding listed in this articles as it does not offer equity nor rewards but rather is it more of a debt crowdfunding. It is a non-profit platform which means they don’t charge interest rates.

Through Kiva US you will be able to borrow up to $10,000 and has a term length up to 36 months. It also has a limit of time funding up to 3 months

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