Google offers driver jobs for its driverless cars

Driverless cars have been something of a leisurely pursuit for Google for at least the last year, with the search engine giant making its way from California to Nevada, Florida, Texas, and even as far East in the US as Virginia on the East Coast. Yet and still, with Google’s new driverless cars becoming more and more vital as testing grows and they arrive closer to market arrival, the search engine giant will need some drivers. Yep, that means you. Uncle Sam wants you, and so does Google.

To this end, Google has decided to go all out and enlist drivers, or what the company calls “vehicle safety specialists,” for its driverless cars. As a driver of an autonomous car (how this is possible will boggle your mind, so expend mental energy trying to figure this out!), you’ll have to drive around in these autonomous vehicles between 6-8 hours each day, collecting data and reporting all the info to Google. You’ll sometimes travel on the road for a month or more, and you’ll have lots of forms to fill out about your driving experience each day (Google wants “concise written and oral feedback to the engineering team,” the job description says).

Whatever the challenge, to drive Google’s driverless cars, you’ll need an impeccable driving history/record (in other words, if you’re a former drunk driver with reckless endangerment, among other on-the-road charges, you need not waste time applying for an impossible position). If you have a good driving record, are detailed and explicit when need be, can keep all details about the driverless cars project confidential, and love to travel no matter the time frame or distance, then you’re all set. Head on over to the job link below to get started.

And, by the way, you’re welcome (for informing you about the job). Be sure to drop our name to Google when you get hired, ok?


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