Google Play downloads surpass Apple App downloads for 2015

Apple’s App store is often Seen as the most happening mobile app Store in all of the field, with Android and Windows phone not holding a candle to Apple’s hub. New results Suggest, however, that Android has surpassed iOS in qpp store downloads for 2015.

The results come from analytical firm App Annie, who says that Google Play had 200 million app downloads as compared to Apple’s App Store 100 million app downloads for last year.

of course, App Annie doesn’t provide too many specifics with these initial Statements, Though it offers the 2015 report for download if you desire it.

what these numbers show is that Google is still the King of mobile, even if Apple is still winning the battle in terms of profit. Regardless of what Apple app developers get paid, though, it all boils down to mobile operating systems and the one that consumers choose to use. Most people in the world choose to use Android – which explains why new Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that there are over a billion users on Android each day. No matter how much profit app developers make, Apple will have a hard time winning the user base battle when Google’s mobile 0S, Android, continues to pull even further ahead on a daily basis. Apple may be the world’s most money-making platform, but Google’s Android is still the world’s most popular mobile platform.


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