Graphene batteries that can slash your phone recharge time to 15 minutes, unveiled

With the current technology, it is quite agreeable that we should not have to wait hours for our phones, tablets, and laptops to charge.  A promising solution to this is the Graphane battery that has just been unveiled by Chinese company Dongxu Optoelectronic. The battery pack dubbed as the G-King can regain lost charge in 13 to 15 minutes. Additionally, the cell is strong enough to be discharged and recharged 3,500 times, meaning it is seven times stronger than a conventional Li-Ion battery. On top of this, the battery has a 4,800mAh capacity, which is considered more than what we have on our smartphones and more in-line with small tablets or compact laptops.

G-King has been manufactured using graphene, a fairly newly discovered form of carbon that is 200 stronger than steel and yet six-time lighter. It is viewed as the best option to change the battery tech by opening possibilities of super-lightweight or bendable batteries that could make our gadget much slimmer.

Graphene batteries can discharge power at a faster rate than current technologies, making them an appropriate option to electric vehicles, huge drone and in lots of other applications. Graphane flexible property makes it an appropriate option in the designing of flexible screens, with additionally uses in finger sensors and uses in improved heart rate.

Unfortunately, this entire tech is way off for now, with Dongxu not mentioning or giving clues of when the little graphene battery pack would be available in the market and compatible with our device. On the positive note, since this technology is already making headlines, we should expect some phone manufacturers to try and be the first to offer it.

The unveiling of the battery in China was attended by K2 Energy, a Nevada-based specialist in rechargeable batteries, with the CEO Johnnie Stoker, signing a partnership deal on the propable use of the battery in the future.

Featured Image Credit:techinasia


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