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How to Clean the LG Ultra-Gear Gaming Monitor?

Gaming, for the past years have evolved into something that many has and is continuously is enjoying. In fact, there are a lot of gaming setups which are very stylish. These setups of course would depend on your personal preferences and on the requirements you have for your gaming needs. One of the most important part of a gaming setup is your gaming monitor. In fact, one of the most popular brand that most gamers trust is LG.

One popular product that most gamers love is the LG ultra-gear gaming monitor and when you have this type of monitor, for sure, you would love to ensure that it is taken cared of and maintained perfectly. Hence, in this article, we shall help you with this by providing you useful information which you could use as a guide in cleaning your LG ultra-gear gaming monitor.

What is A Gaming Monitor?

A gaming monitor is a monitor that has been enhanced and provides a maximum visual quality of GPU and CPU output. It ensures that you are able to have a great gaming experience.

Gaming monitors could provide you amazing color, motion and even picture sharpness.

What is the LG Ultra-Gear Gaming Monitor?

LG Ultragear gaming monitors are amazing and perfect as a gaming monitor. It comes with a high refresh rate which provides high-speed response times. In fact, it could provide up to 240Hz which in reality is quicker than 1ms. Its display has a broad viewing angle and it has the ability to show vibrant colors and sharp images. If you are looking for a good gaming monitor, LG Ultra-Gear gaming monitor is highly recommended.

Is the LG Ultragear Display Suitable For Gaming?

As mentioned earlier, the Ultragear is perfect and exceptional especially for gaming. Its size and resolution are ideal. It is very suitable for gaming.

Is Cleaning Your Monitor Necessary?

If you want to maintain and have a great gaming experience, just like any other devices, we highly recommend that you clean your monitor. Moreover, having a dirty monitor could lead to eye strain.

How Can I Clean the Screen On My LG Ultragear Monitor?

  • Avoid moisture from getting on and close to your monitor. This could lead to the electronic parts to short.
  • Use soft and lint free cloth. Microfiber cloth is perfect one for this.
  • Clean the monitor screen lightly with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Avoid pressing the screen when cleaning it
  • Use compressed air to clear the dust from the screen
  • Dampen the cloth
  • Use little quantity of distilled water

Can I Use Windex to Clean the Monitor?

  • Avoid Windex and other eyeglass cleaning materials to clean your monitor
  • Dry towel could gather up dirt and bacteria and Windex may seem to be a good idea. Do not worry as you could use windex only if you have a glass laptop screen.

Cautionary Remarks

  • Do not use Windex or all purpose cleaner
  • There are several cleaning agents which are specifically made for cleaning computer screens
  • Distilled water could be used for cleaning monitor. You could also use white vinegar for difficult stains.
  • Stay away from household cleaning supplies such as paper towels, sponges, old t-shirts, etc.
  • Use microfiber cloth

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