iPhone 6 Samsung Gear S2 etkinliğinde görüldü

Here at Aptgadget, we like to play up the rivalry between Samsung and Apple. Both companies are highly respected and highly regarded in the world, with customers loyal to both companies, one of the two, or none at all. Even customers who dislike both companies have to respect Seoul and Cupertino for their ability to rally customers around them who remain loyal for years to come.

At the same time, however, fans of both companies believe in a little “tech etiquette,” and one of the rules of the game is the following: “Do not bring a rival’s mobile devices to the opponent’s presentations.” Now, most consumers are unaware of this rule. If, for example, a press member needs to get work done and wants to share photos from his or her MacBook, the member in question will bring the MacBook to the Samsung presentation. And, if a tech journalist wants to use his or her Galaxy Note 4 at an Apple presentation, for example, then the necessity of the moment dictates the use of a Samsung device – even if it’s at an Apple presentation.

iPhone sighted at Gear S2 event
You can’t see it very well up-close, but it does look like an iPhone from the back. The black logo in the middle is unmistakeable.

So, in that regard, the following sighting isn’t all that funny. But we happen to think it is. Today, Samsung unveiled the Gear S2 at its IFA show today, and, while the show itself and the new smartwatch were incredible to see, what’s most humorous about it all is one woman who decided to visit Samsung’s own setup beneath stage after the announcement.

A woman in red, whose name is unknown, decided to flash her iPhone 6 (or what appears to be an iPhone 6) and take pictures of the surroundings and the event itself. While the picture isn’t completely noise-free, it does show a shiny, black logo on the back of a metal phone in the same place that a certain fruit company places its logo. We’re sure this isn’t an HTC One M7, M8, or M9, and who else has majored on metal build quality except Apple?

While we don’t know for sure if the individual even considered for a moment how “irreverent” her action may seem to some, we think the iPhone 6 was actually appropriate at today’s Gear S2 announcement: after all, Samsung does have its own Galaxy Note5/Galaxy S6 edge+ test drive program available. Perhaps this female iPhone 6 user got bored with her iPhone and decided to give it “one last go-round” at the Gear S2 announcement before trading in her device and coming over to “the dark side” of Samsung. After all, those edges in the Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge+ as well as on the back of the Galaxy Note5 really do make the iPhone seem overpriced, don’t they?

Well done, Apple. You finally “attended” a Samsung event – and stood out doing so. We highly suggest that, when you unveil split-screen mode for the iPad Pro next month, Samsung should return the favor: walk across stage, take a bow, and wave while walking off the stage in honor of a feature its Galaxy smartphone users have had for years.

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