LG Display OLED teknolojisine sahip 1 mm kalınlığındaki ekranını tanıttı

LG Display, a subsidiary of LG electronics focused on researching for OLED display technology recently unveiled “wallpaper” TV which is just 1mm thick at an event by CNet. The display shows what LG is planning for the future of OLED display technology and how it will shape the new era of TV displays.

The “wallpaper” television is just a proof-of-concept with a 55 inch OLED display and only weights 1.9KG with just 1mm thickness, means that it will be lighter than a standard laptop. The “wallpaper” concept comes from the fact that the TV has a magnetic mat unit behind it that allows it mount on a wall without needing any sort of stand. And to remove the display, just peel the screen off the mat.

The announcement focused on the future plans of LG Display. According to the company, it will focus on the OLED technology and will be launching OLED based TVs in the future. According to the head of the LG Display division Sang-Deog Yeo, OLED technology is a groundbreaking technology with great potential which can shape the future of televisions. He also said that industry should research on OLED technology and see what benefits it holds for the world of television.

OLED is said to be the next big thing in the television industry. Currently, LED technology is the front runner for all sorts of TVs these days. The only thing that is keeping OLED displays away from consumers approach is the cost of production which is still significantly higher than producing LED displays. The reason behind high cost of OLED displays is the low yield value which increases the price of display as its size increase. For instance, LG’s 65 inch 4K OLED TV costs $9,000 which is way more than a high end LED TV in the same category.

Original Source: CNet

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