LG G5 appears on a website, is soon taken down

Well, well, well; what do we have here? By all accounts, it looks like an LG G5.

Wait a minute: it IS the LG G5!

That’s the response we’re sure many of you will have as you take a look at the photos below from the site Dubizz showing off what is undoubtedly the LG G5. Yes, it has the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device that we’ve seen leak with LG G5 case photos, and it matches the fingerprint sensor found in the Nexus 5X — which was manufactured by LG for Google. We see the display itself, with the cameras (plural) in the expected places, but outside of the fingerprint sensor and metal body, there’s little to tell.

There’s also the “G5” embedded on the back cover, and the side buttons for the volume rocker. The volume rocker was rumored to be moved from the back of the device as was the case beginning with the LG G2 to the side in order to increase the display size and make room for the fingerprint sensor. This makes sense in terms of design, but it also makes sense in terms of user experience. LG said in its G2 presentation in 2013 that it had “learned from you” about the volume rocker and its place on the back of the phone because its location was intuitive and natural to users. At the same time, however, we’re not sure that users can have an intuitive experience if they can’t know where the buttons are but have to “feel around” to learn where they are on the back of the device.

And yet, there’s one more surprise about the LG G5: the supposed “removable battery module” located at the bottom of the device, identifiable by the line at the bottom of the back cover that stretches from one side to the other. It was rumored since the LG G5 rumor mill began that LG would create a removable battery module to meet the design dilemma of the demand for removable batteries with the demand for a premium, metal design. The removable module may also include a place for other things, such as the microSD card slot, a VR headset port, and others, but at least it’ll cater to consumers who want a premium design and utility with microSD cards among other things.

Shortly after leaking the LG G5 photos, however, Dubizzle took down the photos — yet another indication that these are the legitimate pictures of the “yet unannounced” smartphone that the Korean manufacturer will announce in five days. Fortunately, we still have photos from the website to show.

For now, though, outside of all these things and the dual camera setup in particular, we don’t know what else there could be. Since the LG G5 announcement is close at hand (as close as Sunday, February 21st, right before Samsung announces the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge), we’re sure that leaks will continue to pour in until the big moment comes.

LG G5 back cover

LG G5 display close-up

LG G5 display distance


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