LinkedIn Alternatives

LinkedIn is considered as a social media with a twist of professional networking. Just like other social media, it keeps you in contact with your friends and family but unlike other social media, LinkedIn is geared towards helping you in any goal of advancement in your career. Thus, this is a platform where professional networking comes in play. It is said this platform is more effective than most social media platforms and has about 225 million registered members. Though this is the case, LinkedIn has its fair share of issues such as spamming and junk mail. These problems could be frustrating and annoying and if you are not fond of it, here are other professional networking sites you could try.

1. BranchOut

BranchOut is a professional networking app that is on Facebook. It serves as a recruiting and job hunting platform through Facebook’s connections. It ensures you won’t have that awkward introduction experience.

2. ResumeCoach

ResumeCoach is the ally in your corner when you need to create a resume or cover letter fast. It boasts a superb range of tools and templates to guide you through each step of optimizing a resume to perfection.

3. AngelList

This platform is best suited for startups. Through AngelList, one could connect with companies looking for certain startup skills. This site comes with easy to use interface and ensures efficiency and security.

4. Zerply

Through Zerply, one could post his or her credentials by adding your resume to the site. It also allows one to showcase his or her skills through videos, attaching portfolios and storyboards. This site is highly recommended for those who are seeking for creative talents and for job seekers as well.

5. Meetup

This site is a platform for offline group meetings. Through Meetup, one could post events and meet up for both professional and personal use.

6. VisualCV

One could create his or her digital resume through VisualCV. Your resume could be shared to your friends, other colleagues and could also be submitted to your prospective employers. This platform is very similar to LinkedIn but it is more engaging in terms of being able to share your resume.

7. PartnerUp

This site is for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It includes articles which businessmen/women could read. This platform is now under Googl+Communities but it has ensured its users that connections are retained.

8. Opprtunity

This platform uses algorithm or what one would call a scientific approach in helping its users to find the right job opportunities, sales leads and candidates. Opprtunity ensures you get what you need in terms of location, industry, skill sets and the like.

9. Twylah

If you want for your presence to be known in other social media sites like Twitter, this site allows you to market your brand identity and shows you how your page is doing with your marketed audience.


LinkedIn is very efficient and a great resource in finding employment and employees which skill sets you need. Though it is very popular, there are other platforms and sites that are similar to LinkedIn which you could use not only as an alternative but also to increase one’s chances to find better and more employment and skill set

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