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Okay Google- Bir Şarkı Başlığını Tanımlamak için Sesli Arama Komutu Özelliği

Okay Google is similar to Siri where you could command a search or ask a question by speaking to your Android phone or Google gadgets. You could access this feature by tapping the microphone icon on Google or by saying “Okay Google”.

Setting Up Okay Google

Some phones could still work even on standby mode or on sleep mode but there are some that needs to be checked on the search bar seen on the home screen to access Okay Google. Another way to setup this feature is by going to Settings then click on Voice then tap on “OK Google Detection” and then enable ‘Say “Ok Google” at any time’.

Okay Google to Identify a Song Title

Want to know the title of a song? Okay Google is similar to Shazam. It has this feature that allows its users to ask anything about music and it will search the answer for you.

Command Do

Command Do is a command where you could ask Okay Google to identify a song by holding your phone near the device the song is playing from and then ask “Ok Google, what tune or song is this?”. Once Okay Google has identified the song, it will inform you the title of the song. Through this feature, you could also purchase the song by connecting to Google Music.

Command Input Differences

If your OK Google is not working, this might mean there is an info technique or interruption in your command. To solve this, all you have to do is click or tap OK Google button and wait for it to ask for what command you would ask of it. Another way is by tapping the OK Google amplifier symbol and command or ask anything you need.

Finding the title of a song at a snap of your finger

Often times we hear music and can’t put a name to it and through Okay Google, it is now easier to identify the title of the song. Aside from Okay Google, you could also use Siri and Cortana.

Google Play

You could purchase songs in any Android device by going to Google Play app. Once you have purchased the song, you could add it to your Play Music library and play it anytime you wish.

Through Google Play, you could keep a song identification on history then sync it with all your Android device and purchase it anytime you wish to.


Life is made easier, comfortable and enjoyable through technology and tools. One of it is the invention of Ok Google. Though Ok Google could help you search answers for some of your questions, one great feature it has is its feature of identifying a song title. Through this article, we hope you were able to gain information on how to use and enjoy Ok Google.

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