PointDrive is the Right Tool to Improve Sales

The world of sales is hard and strenuous, demanding an overwhelming amount of communication channels to contact partners and clients. All of this makes it really easy to lose track of what is happening sometime during the sales process, which is why it is important to have the right tools in order to avoid this situation.

PointDrive is a web-based sales presentation tool that helps professionals share content in a smarter and more polished way. It eliminates multiple attachment email by consolidating existing content into one link that then brings clients to a sophisticated, branded experience. Using PointDrive ensures your content looks great on any browser and device.

Email has several limitations, especially for people who use a great deal of links and attachments, a place where this platform falls short. In a large sequence of emails, it is very hard to keep track of all the attachments, all the links and all the content exchanged, which is a straightforward reason as to why email is not the best platform to use in the sales process.

Given that communication is the key to any successful sales pitch, the team behind PointDrive thinks its tool does it better than email. This is an easy-to-use sales tool that lets many sales agents package up and personalize the materials they need to lock down prospective sellers and buyers, in a much more easier way.

It is so useful and successful that, just last year, PointDrive partnered with @properties, one of Chicago’s largest real estate businesses. @properties founder, Thad Wong, stated that “PointDrive is often a determining factor of whether our agents gain or lose a listing. (…) In the most competitive markets, it may be a single point of differentiation which makes or breaks a deal. Not only have we seen a 30 percent increase in sales volume by using PointDrive, we have also found that PointDrive has been an excellent recruiting tool to attract new agents to the firm, plus it’s the most widely adopted tool we’ve rolled out.”

If you are looking to take your entire sales process up a notch, then maybe this is the best tool for you to do that.

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