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Quirky Aros is GE’s budget-friendly priced air-conditioner priced within $249 and $279. This air-conditioner model proudly showcases state-of-the-art features, in line with the newest trends in smart home appliances. The rare Quirky A/C model is on top of online product sales in many U.S. retailers this month.

Product Description 

The Quirky GE Aros A/C model allows users to set the machine to ‘on’ and ‘off’ modes in desired schedules. The machine is a deal breaker in comparison to its classic A/C model competitors.

Many classic or traditional air-conditioners in the market cost as much as GE’s Quirky model A/C, sans, new generation functionalities. The Quirky Aros air-conditioner stands out in eye-catching designs, as well. These designs work in compatibility with the A/C’s easy-to-operate function features.

Features and Benefits 

Remote Scheduling 

Quirky’s remote scheduling feature lets users automatically turn the A/C ‘on’ and ’off’, even when they are not home. Quirky users just need to set the times they’d like their A/C’s to be running and shut off. Users need to automatically set Quirky’s remote operating schedule before they leave home.

The Wink App and Smart Budget Features 

The smart budget and wink app features work hand in hand in tracking your A/C ventilation bills. Users see in the wink app the A/C bills they’ve consumed so far, courtesy of the smart budget feature. Users have the option to cut back or increase their A/C consumption, as their budgets allow for the month.


Quirky is the answer to maximising ventilation benefits, even in tight budgets. Users whose health problems dominate during the summer now spend less in caring for their well-being. Moreover, Quirky stands out in having specifically labelled features on its entire machine.


The intermittent lags in the operation of the Wink App feature is the only flaw in Quirky’s entirety. It does not take long for the app to get back up and running after every lag, though. Hence, these lags don’t pose any notable inconveniences to its users.


GE’s Quirky air-conditioner redefines the much needed 21st century ventilation conveniences, making it a worthy investment. The budget features and the remote scheduling is a big plus for expense-conscious consumers.


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