Samsung has a new $50 Best Buy Card promo deal for new Samsung Pay users

Samsung continues its promos and deals for those who own one of the company’s most recent devices. The latest deal from the Korean giant awards a $50 Best Buy gift card to any new Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and Note 5 user that activates Samsung Pay with a support credit or debit card.

As usual, there is a caveat: Samsung Pay only works with a few card issuers at the moment, with Samsung adding Chase and SunTrust to Samsung Pay today. Others, such as Wells Fargo, still remain detached from Samsung Pay. Wells Fargo has already started the process of promoting Apple Pay for its customers, so if you’re a Wells Fargo customer, prepare to wait a while for Samsung Pay to arrive at your bank of choice.

Not only is Samsung Pay only supported by a few banks; this means, too, that if you don’t have a debit or credit card from well-known ones such as Citibank, American Express, Chase, SunTrust, Bank of America, US Bank, Synchrony Financial, CEFCU, RBFCU, Virginia Credit Union, Security Service Federal Credit Union, and Navy Federal Credit Union. Samsung Pay already has State Employees’ Credit Union showing up as “Coming Soon!,” so SECU customers will need a little more time before their bank card is compatible with Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay promos from Samsung are great, but they’re elective of a few individuals; those who don’t have cards from banks and card issuers on Samsung’s list find themselves unable to take advantage of these deals. Sources say that Samsung is now giving $100 to those who activate Samsung Pay with a compatible credit or debit card, but Samsung’s earlier promo gave away $350 bundles consisting of the company’s wireless, Bluetooth Level On headphones, fast wireless charging pad, and travel battery pack (worth $350) for free.

Recently, Samsung said that it intends to bring Samsung Pay to its budget-friendly devices along with the company’s new fingerprint sensor-embedded home button so as to encourage large market adoption of its new mobile payment system. In the US, Verizon was the last carrier to hold out with Samsung Pay, but the carrier now has compatibility on its latest Samsung devices — though you’ll need to download Samsung Pay from the Google Play Store before taking advantage of the company’s Samsung Pay promo deals. If you’re fortunate, you can take your $50 as some financial incentive off the price of the Samsung Gear VR headset that’s selling like hotcakes as of late.

Have you benefited from the new Samsung Pay promos? Which one have you liked most so far?


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