T-Mobile offers the BlackBerry Priv for $0 down with JUMP On Demand, starting January 26th

The BlackBerry Priv arrived in November, as rumors said, and has made its way on the Web to Amazon, where it sold out quickly. The smartphone has brought back a number of nostalgic BlackBerry users to try out smartphones again, or ditch their current Android smartphone to try out the company they knew and loved for the longest time. And now, T-Mobile is offering what will prove to be a nostalgic winner for the carrier for $0 down with its JUMP on Demand program.

Getting your hands on a BlackBerry Priv for $0 down is a deal that can’t be beat, and we’re sure that our BlackBerry readers will be all too excited about this. Of course, you’re getting a solid contender in the Priv: the dual curved edges, full Google Play and Android apps access, an 18MP back camera, a battery that provides up to 22 hours of battery life, in addition to BlackBerry’s signature QWERTY keyboard that slides in and out at your preference. For those who want a little modern take on keyboards but love BlackBerry phones, yes, BlackBerry has incorporated a virtual, on-screen keyboard in the BlackBerry Priv. You’re still getting BlackBerry Messenger, too.

The BlackBerry Priv, once codenamed BlackBerry Venice, has been deemed BlackBerry’s “savior” phone, with the company once saying that it would throw in the towel if it didn’t have a phone come to the financial rescue of the company. The Priv is the first in a line of smartphones for BlackBerry, as the company is looking to roll out a new device (codenamed BlackBerry Vienna) that’s said to have the keyboard permanently attached to the bottom portion of the display (not a slide-out, as is the case with the BlackBerry Priv).

Visit the T-Mobile link below to find out more.


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