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The New iPhone 6S is Water Resistant – or is it?

Less than a week after the release of Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 6S, dozens of videos appeared on YouTube showing how the new Apple smartphone can survive in water. Indeed, the 6S can be submerged for long periods of time: this video, for example, shows the iPhone 6S Plus underwater for 30 minutes, right next to the Galaxy S6 Edge. On other videos, people even extend this period for up to an hour, and the 6S still comes out intact.

Such stats may not be that impressive for a smartphone that has some certification in terms of water resistance, but it can certainly make a difference when compared to others that are not released with this feature. As an example, a video from 2014 shows that the iPhone 6 could stay underwater for just a minute.

So, what has changed for the iPhone 6S to last so long under water, then? As pointed out by iFixit, now the junction between the front and the back is sealed with a type of adhesive, something that did not happen in the iPhone 6. Previously, these two parts were secured only with screws.

It is known that the aluminum of the iPhone 6S has been strengthened – however, it is not exactly known why Apple decided to implement this additional protection. Some speculate that the company wanted to produce a completely waterproof iPhone, but decided not to announce this news to avoid any failures or accidents.

In addition, the speaker and the entrance to the headphone jack or the chip sealing do not have any similar protection, meaning that the water can still spoil the inside of an iPhone. As 9to5Mac points out, despite the additional protection, it is possible that the iPhone will be damaged if it comes into contact with water.

So, with this in mind, it is better to play it safe and not place the iPhone 6S in contact with water. Instead, users should resort to the traditional protection methods, like cases – the More Case store has some specific models for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, built with strong and resistant materials.

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