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Tips to Fix TikTok Logging Out Issues [Updated]

Is TikTok keeping you from logging out on iPhone or Android? Do you want to fix the issues? Here is the solution. While using TikTok, one most common issues that users face is that the app automatically makes them log out from their accounts. The main reason to log you out is if someone tries to access your account. Moreover, if the problem persists, Trollishly suggests updating the TikTok application on the App or Play Store. After the update, the problem persists. It might be due to several reasons. The reasons may be anything, and there is a way to resolve the logging out issues on TikTok by following the below steps. 

How Does the TikTok Login System Work?

If you have created a TikTok account, you have to provide your phone number, email address, and password. After creating your TikTok account, you can log in using your phone number, email, and password. Once you do, your login credentials will be saved on your device, and there is no need to enter them whenever you want to use the app. Now you understand how the TikTok login system works. Let’s know some reasons that keep logging you out of TikTok.

Reasons That Make You Keep Log Out From TikTok

While using the TikTok application, if it keeps logging you out, it may be due to several reasons. They are:

  • Your TikTok application is not up to date
  • There is some glitch or bug in TikTok
  • If someone tries to access your TikTok account 
  • Your TikTok password hasn’t changed for a long time
  • VPN may be installed on your device
  • You installed and logged in TikTok application on multiple devices

How to Fix the TikTok Logging Out Issue?

If you are a smart TikTok user, you might have experienced that you keep logging out of your account. It is very frustrating. To use the app without interruptions, here you explore how to fix the possible issues on TikTok.  

#1 Update the Currently TikTok Version

The first step to resolving TikTok logging-out issues is to update your TikTok app to its latest version. Of course, the outdated version of TikTok will not be compatible with the updated security settings. So, immediately visit the App or Play Store and update your TikTok application to the newest version. It could be a great idea to fix this issue on your smartphone.

Pro Tip:  Many businesses are always aware of updating the TikTok app to a new version to stay active and engage the potential audience. And also, to make their efforts work well, they often try to buy tiktok followers to build a strong TikTok profile. So if you are a business, be aware of how to resolve the problems and stay ahead of the competition.

#2 Check TikTok Servers are Down

Sometimes, TikTok servers may be down, which would be one reason to log out of your TikTok account. This may even prevent you from logging in. In this instance, check with the Downdetector website and know the application-related issues for users globally. If you noted that the server is slow, wait until the issue gets fixed. 

#3 Log Out From Multiple Device

One major reason TikTok logs you out from using your current device is the multiple logins. You may have already logged in to another device, and this causes you to log out. So be concerned over this and avoid logging into your TikTok app on multiple devices. For security reasons, TikTok logs you out. Another important aspect that you have to look over is that you have to clear cache or app data. 

#4 Uninstall & Reinstall the TikTok Application

If you have executed the above steps and it doesn’t work, then it is best to uninstall and reinstall the application. Whereas Trollishly suggests, you can log in and stay active by doing this. 

#5 Enable Background Application

Even if you are inactive on the platform, you must know its updates and notifications. So don’t disable background apps. 

Tips to enable the Background app:

  • Navigate to the Settings app on your smartphone
  • In Android, click on Apps or Manage apps
  • Scroll and choose TikTok
  • Click on the Background Refresh button.

#6 Avoid Using VPN for TikTok

If you have installed VPN, then logging in to your TikTok account will take some time. It’s because many users access the VPN server. Possibility concerning the security that TikTok logs out from your account to prevent unauthorized access. If it may be the one reason, neglect using a VPN for TikTok. Always log in to TikTok using your location to be safe and secure. 

#7 Ensure That You Stick With the TikTok’s Community Guidelines

For security reasons, TikTok has set the community guidelines. If you don’t follow TikTok community guidelines, your account will be banned or logged out for violating its policies. If issues arise, check that you have violated TikTok’s guidelines and contact TikTok support to get clear assistance. 

#8 Uninstall Suspicious Third-Party Apps From TikTok

TikTok will never encourage its users to connect third-party applications to their accounts. To secure your account, TikTok will log you out till you disconnect from those apps. If you want to disconnect, follow the steps below. 

1. If you are login into the website or app, choose the TikTok platform and login.

2. Then, go with Edit Access.

3. Now, remove third third-party apps and ensure you no longer use them. 

4. Tap on Cancel to remove third-party applications from your TikTok account.

It’s now done. Always try to avoid using third-party apps and continue to enjoy using TikTok applications. 

Wrapping It Up

Putting it all together, we hope this guide will help you fix TikTok logging-out issues. However, even if you have followed the above tips and the issues haven’t been resolved, contact TikTok support to seek solutions. The TikTok support team is always ready to help you to fix the issues.  

Fix the issues and enjoy using the TikTok application. Thanks for reading this article!

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