Top Electric Cars to Buy in 2023

Love them or hate them, soon enough, all drivers will find themselves in electric cars. After all, the aim is to no longer produce cars that are powered by fossil fuels as early as 2030. These cars are powered by battery systems that eliminate the need for fossil fuels to power an engine. This is an important step to take, as not only are fossil fuels bad for the environment but there’s also a limited supply of fossil fuels globally. In fact, if we continue with our current habits, it’s estimated that fossil fuels will be depleted by as early as 2060. It’s for this reason that the need for electric vehicles has never been so great, leading to the design of various viable options, as detailed below. 

Hyundai Kona Electric

First up is the Hyundai Kona Electric, which sits among the brand’s finest EVs. This is the second generation, following the success of the original model. Despite this, the original model faced some difficulties in terms of its size. The newest model, though, provides more space as well as various other improvements, including a bolder appearance. This is in addition to the better-quality materials and upgraded onboard technology that’s provided by the vehicle. For instance, the dashboard comprises two 12.3-inch screens with brand-new software, and the car is abundant in physical controls, too. This includes buttons for climate control and radio. 


Bu MG4 is a great affordable option on the electric car market but still remains a family hatchback. It’s pleasant to drive and boasts impressive charging abilities, meaning, for the price point, it becomes very difficult to criticize. The vehicle boasts two powertrain options, each of which uses a rear-mounted electric motor powering the rear wheels. What’s more, the 51kWh battery model provides 168bhp, and the option to upgrade to a 64kWh battery with 200bhp is also available. While it might not necessarily have the high-class feel that some look for in a car, it certainly gets the job done. 

BMW i4

BMW is a brand that’s committed to an electrified future, and it shows considering two of its cars feature in this list. The BMW i4 boasts great handling, even though it weighs upwards of two tons! What’s more, it’s an extremely agile vehicle thanks to its precise steering. In fact, you’d likely struggle to tell the difference between the fossil-fueled 4 Series Gran Coupe if it wasn’t for the silent progression of the vehicle. It boasts 335bhp and 430Nm of torque, which allows for comfortable daily driving. Despite this, there is a 536bhp i4 M50 version available, which is even more performance focused.


Following this is the BMW iX, which stands out as a great example of the engineering skills possessed by the German manufacturer. The iX is the first of BMW’s battery powered SUVS that has been built on a dedicated EV platform. Three versions of the vehicle are available in terms of horsepower and battery size; even the least powerful of the three is more than ample for everyday use. Each version has a four-wheel drive, as well as a dual-motor setup. Despite this, this results in a considerable curbweight, but the vehicle handles such rather well. 

Porsche Taycan 

Last but not least is the Porsche Taycan, which is one of the most desirable electric cars on the market. Due to the luxury that’s provided by Porsche engineers, though, it comes at a premium. After all, Porsche delivers and electric vehicle driving experience unlike any other. Even in spite of the weight of the vehicle, it remains agile and performs incredibly well.

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