Verizon LG G5 update returns app drawer

LG said some time ago that it would return the coveted app drawer to its Android-powered flagship, the LG G5, and the company hasn’t disappointed. It brought the LG G5 update to unlocked devices, but the Verizon LG G5 has been coming for some time. Verizon dropped the update last week, meaning that Verizon LG G5 customers can now download the update and bring back the coveted app drawer on their devices.

The Verizon LG G5 update weighs 521.3MB in size (0.5GB) and brings the software version to VS98713A. The Verizon LG G5 update “includes enhancements and improvements including adding an app drawer to your home launcher for your LG G5,” the system update page says. Once you download the Verizon LG G5 update, you should be able to select “Home, EasyHome, and Home with app drawer” as your choices for the main desktop. The update does bring back the app drawer, though that’s the only change I’ve seen with the update.

If you’re ready to claim your app drawer back, head on over to your “System updates” page, then “check for new system update.” If you suspect you’ve already received the download (you have no update available), then select “show system update history for more details. Once you updated the app drawer, you should see “software updated to 13A” in the update history, along with the day and time you updated.

Once you’ve updated, come back here and let us know what you think of the Verizon update. Pleased that your app drawer is back? Upset that LG removed it? Frustrated that it was taken away in the first place?


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