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Why Are There White Spots On My Samsung TV

Nowadays, we have televisions which come with modern flatscreen monitor/display. They are considered as advanced technological electronic devices. Though that is the case, just like any other device, Samsung TV sometimes experiences white spots which could be due to one of three problems.

Why Are There White Spots on Samsung TV

There are three possible reasons and causes as to why you are seeing white spots on your TV and they are:

  • Fallen reflector inside the TV
  • Damaged processor which could be due to an overheating issue – electrical surge
  • Dead pixel or series of dead pixels

Dealing with Fallen Reflector on Samsung TV

If your Samsung TV’s reflector has fallen, it is highly suggested for you to get the job handled by a professional. This way you would not void the warranty. Moreover, keep in mind that if this is the case of your Samsung TV, for you to be able to solve the problem, you will have to dismantle the TV itself and readjust the fallen reflector.

You will also have to disconnect the speakers, get the circuit board out and readjust the reflect and ensure that you secure it with a glue. If you still are determined to take apart your Samsung TV, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

  • Ensure that your TV is turned off and it is not connected to the power supply as well.
  • Remove the screws which hold the back panel of your TV
  • Remove the metal tabs
  • Remove the speakers off the television by disconnecting them
  • Remove the circuit board from the metal plate
  • Lift up the metal plate
  • Lift the tabs
  • Search for the fallen reflector
  • Glue the fallen reflector back in place
  • Let the glue dry
  • Reassemble the TV

Damaged Processor of Samsung TV

Another cause for seeing white dots on your Samsung TV is due to a damaged processor. Do not worry as this could be replaced. However, if the processor is damaged severely, you might have to replace them. In ensuring to fix this issue, you will have to ensure that you have access to your remote and have access to your TV’s settings.

  • Reduce the backlight setting to its lowest
  • Reduce the TV’s brightness to its lowest acceptable level
  • Turn off the auto adjustments of the brightness of the TV
  • Ensure that the settings are on manual setting and not automatic

Damaged Pixels on Samsung TV

  • Ensure that the TV is turned off
  • Get a microfiber cloth
  • Press the cloth gently on the area of the dead pixel
  • Once done, turn on the power supply to the TV

Check the Warranty Before Trying to Fix Samsung TV

When you purchase Samsung TV, they usually come with warranty which means, you could bring your TV to Samsung store and have your TV repaired by themselves. This means you would no longer have to worry about trying to fix your Samsung TV.

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