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Learning to read and write opens the door to knowledge and it feeds our creativity. Keeping this in mind, literacy and technology researchers, along with teachers, parents and children, collaborated in the development of WriterReader Home. The app is focused on helping kids between 3 to 10 to learn how to read and write, through the creation of short stories. It can keep children motivated and encourages their imagination and creativity. Additionally, the app boosts interests in the written language and it allows parents to be involved in their children’s learning process.


What Does it Offer?

WriterReader by Writerreader Aps offers a simple and captivating interface and it can be used by parents and children as a tool to improve reading and writing skills. The app aims to help kids to learn by encouraging their creativity. They will need to create simple stories, that can be complemented with photos, speech, thought bubbles and other options. The learning method used by the app us based on scientific research that showed the advantages of getting children to learn to write while they learn to read.

Parents can guide children as they learn to spell and read as they come up with their one texts. There is certain aspect of collaboration in the app as the kid would write a sentence using their current level of written language. Then parents can rewrite the text, making sure that it is correct. The child would then be able to compare the text they created with the adult’s correction and this will allow them to observe, learn and retain words with the correct spelling.

It is possible to create many stories this way and the books created can be printed, shared by email (they can be opened in PDF format) or via social media. When the child types a letter or a word, the app plays it, helping them when they spell out the words. The creative experience, the encouragement and the fun that the app adds to the learning process, make WriteReader a valuable solution to teach reading/writing skills as well as stimulating your kids’s imagination.

Using WriteReader Home

One of the ways in which parents can use the app is asking children to select a photo on the iPad and then narrate a line or two about it. There are different options that adjust to different ages and you can let the child type out the sentence as they speak. There is a convenient recording option that allows you to record something along with the story. As the kid grows up and their writing skills improve, they can use the app as a template to create more advanced books.


The app comes with a keyboard that is specially designed to incorporate the sounds of the letters. Vowels are marked in red and consonants in blue frames. The keyboard can show both lower and higher case letters to help the child to identify and learn all the letters. Additionally, WriteReader’s record and play option helps the child to remember the text and they can play the audio version at a later stage.


Available for $9.99 in the App Store, WriteReader is an innovative literacy solution that can also inspire your kids and boost their creativity. It is easy to use and offers a method that has been tested and proven to work with children between 5 to 8, although younger and older kids can also take advantage of what the app offers. While WriteReader is not exactly cheap, if you use it on a regular basis and have many kids at home, it would be an option worth considering.

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