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Afinia H-Series H479 3D Printer Review

The Afinia H-Series H470 3D printer may not be the most well-known or the best looking 3D printer on the market today. But it does have a great deal to offer those looking to get into 3D printing and even those who already have 3D printing experience. However it is far from perfect and the price tag may make it out of reach for some, but it offers greater precision and ease than other 3D printers in its class.

A Little Bit More Expensive, But With More Features

The Afinia H-Series H479 will run you about $1,559 which is more expensive that the 3D Systems Cube but less than the Makerbot. The build platform size is 5x5x5 inches and the printer supports ABS and PLA. The H479 deposits material in 150 microns and three quality settings, which provide more detail than most printers in this price range. The Afinia software is relatively easy to use and powerful enough to satisfy the needs of most beginners. Reading the manual is a must though because some of the screens can be difficult to understand, even for those with 3D printing experience.

The AfiniaH479 has a lot of good things going for it, the first of which is that it is relatively easy to use and get started, and it even includes a 1.5 pound spool of filament. The Afinia will also track the usage of your material even telling you whether or not you have enough material to complete your project before printing even starts. The manual and quick start guide help users start printing right away. The H479 also uses a perfboard as the build surface which solves the model adhesion problems other printers were experiencing.

The Downside

The downside is that the build surface is held on by binder clips. This not only looks cheap but it shrinks an already small build surface. The perfboard which is great for ensuring models stick throughout printing, also means that the models will have numerous posts attached to the bottom that will need to be trimmed later. There are also some software confusion issues but these are solved by a thorough look at the manual.

Well Worth It

Overall, the Afinia H479 is a good option for those looking to get into 3D printing and willing to pay the hefty price tag. There are cheaper 3D printers out there but there are few that can deliver as well as the H479 in the $1,000 – $2,000 price range.

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