Apple patent approved for Eye Tracking and Visual Control Tech for various platforms

A new patent filed by Apple has been approved today. The patent that has been granted to Apple features a procedure which tracks eye movement and use it to place UI elements on the screen of different devices accordingly.

The patent also includes details based on eye gazing. It states various counter effects, visual effects actually that can happen when a user stares at one part of the screen for long period of time, making UI elements around that part disappear completely. Just a real life effect that people observe when they stare at something for so long that the stuff around that particular subject slowly starts to vanish and disappear completely at one point.

The patent also describes how Mac and iOS devices will use their built-in cameras to track eye movement and then cross reference these movements with onscreen icons or a cursor. The eye movement will be used to move cursor place to place or to perform different on screen activities.

This type of technology will benefit a lot to people who don’t use their hands and fingers for one reason or another. Another advantage of this tech is that people can communicate with their device without actually holding it in their hands. It just has to be at a suitable distance to detect the eye movement.

In future, Apple could use this same feature for Apple TV, allowing users to dictate it with the help of their eyes rather than the remote. Any device from Apple using this technology is still a long way out but exploring this technology and its applications seems logical enough for Apple if they want to appeal users who want more ease of accessibility in their devices.

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