Apple releases 8.0.2, finishes update failure run for iOS 8

The iOS 8 update was an egregious operating system update for which Apple only has themselves to blame. The company’s next update, named the iOS 8.0.1 was released in order to combat the never ending list of issues that were continuing to provide a painful experience to the users. However, even that did not end the abysmal failure run of the company to provide users with a near perfect experience of the operating system as iPhone 6 users complained of having their cellular service completely disabled not to mention the erratic behavior coming from Apple’s TouchID fingerprint scanner.

This has to be the Cupertino tech giant’s fastest successive update releases and who can blame them? The iOS 8’s latest update, named the iOS 8.0.2 fixes a bug which was affecting HealthKit apps, enabling the respective applications to be made available on Apple’s App Store. The new update also addresses the issue where third party keyboard apps would become deselected when users would enter their pass codes.

After users update their devices to version 8.0.2, it will also provide improvement in the reliability of the Reachability feature present on the new iPhones. In addition, the company also stated that the update would bring about a fix to an issue that would cause unexpected cellular data usage when receiving an SMS or MMS text. Statistical data revealed by the company states that less than 40,000 people were affected by the bugs and issues present in iOS 8.0.1.

That’s not the only thing that the update is going to fix. The iOS 8.0.2 will also end up providing better support for In-App Purchases. Furthermore, there was also an issue where sometimes, the ringtones were not restored from iCloud backups, which would be resolved after the iPhone user updates to the iOS 8.0.2. A bug which prevented photos and videos being uploaded from Safari has also been removed.

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