Apple to sell “rookie” iPad Pro on Veterans’ Day

November 11th is usually a day set aside to remember the Army veterans of this country who gave their lives (or sacrificed them in battle) to preserve American democracy and freedom. And normally, that’s what you’d expect consumers to do: honor the American veterans.

This coming Veterans’ Day will be set aside for some in what could be seen as something of a sacreligious purpose: to purchase Apple’s “rookie” iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is Apple’s latest tablet announced, with the goal of helping Apple “catch up” in an era where 12+-inch tablets prove successful for those who like massive tablet screens. We’ve heard for some time that Apple would create a tablet to match the likes of Microsoft and Samsung, and the iPad Pro was named for that reason. It is a 12.9-inch tablet, to be exact, and American sources like the Wall Street Journal confirmed the existence of the iPad Pro, even though it took Apple until now to announce it.

The iPad Pro is around $1300-$1400, and comes pre-loaded with Adobe’s Creative Cloud software to help you shape more of your own experience on the device. In essence, it takes what you already love about the iPad and makes it even bigger. There is an Apple Pencil that you can use with the device, but Apple never marketed the instrument as an indispensable tool: you can purchase the device with or without the so-called Apple Pencil, and it seems as though Apple left this open to consumers so as to not alienate those who may not feel up to buying an Apple Pencil right away.

Apple took quite a lot of time at the latest iPhone 6s announcement to talk about the iPad Pro, but is it the tablet for you? That’s a question that only you can answer. We’re not quite sure we would spend Veterans’ Day buying an iPad, but some with a fanatical love for Apple may choose to do so.


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