Best Apps for Navigating NYC Transit

Getting lost and not knowing which way to go sometimes is frustrating and expensive especially when you are in a rush. Fortunately, and finally, MTA has unveiled a new application which comes with information about commuting methods like buses, commuter rail lines and subways. It also shows delays and issues.

MTA, however has gained numerous competitors which had launched their own apps to make commuters’ travel experience easier. Hence, we have decided to feature these apps and see which of them are at par to commuters’ standards.

1. Transit

This app is where you go if you wish to find real-time schedule. It is also easy to use with it clean interface. It also shows which train station or bus station you are closest to you and what time they arrive at a certain station. It also shows how long it would take for you to arrive at your destination. This app shows information about Citi Bike, commuter rail and ferry.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps allows its users to customize their own commute, set up even your most visited points, your travelling ways, time when you go. It also has a step by step information and details which route to take and even works when you are walking.

3. Citymapper

This app is probably one of the most comprehensive apps which provides subway and bus information. It also provides the said details for non- MTA commuter rail lines, Citi Bike, ride hailing, Car2Go and NYC Ferry. It also provides you the current weather condition.

4. Rampd

Though MTA app show all outages of their system, Rampd has leveled up their services by focusing on all the issues. It even shows you which stations where the elevators are in service. You will also see which station has an elevator access. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show how many elevators are in service in a certain station.

5. Exit Strategy

This app shows which platform you should be in for you to be able to exit fast. This is very useful especially when you are going down on a station that only has one exit like D, N and R. Use this app and you will surely appreciate it especially when you are in a rush.

6. Moovit

Moovit is another app that you would surely love. It comes with similar features with the mentioned apps above. It also provides real-time schedule information. It lets you know when your train or bus will be arriving. Moreover, it does not only cater trains and buses but rather it also provides information about commuter rail and many more. What’s beautiful about this app is it also could assist blind or visually impaired individuals.


That concludes our list of best apps for navigating NYC. We hope we were able to help you and make you comfortable with commuting. What are you waiting for? Choose and explore the best app that will suit your needs. Let us know what you think and do not forget to leave a comment.

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