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First created in 1999, ASAP Utilities has grown into one of the most popular additions for Microsoft Excel, with millions of people becoming customers. Today, this Excel add-on tool promises to help you speed up your work and save a considerable amount of time in the process. Currently the program is used in over 170 countries by over a quarter-million individuals at more than 12,000 businesses and organizations.

Named after the popular initialism “As Soon As Possible”, the ASAP Utilities program was designed from inception to cut through the many different obstacles that slowed down Excel. In the process, they’ve created a better, faster, more efficient program that is much more user-friendly. But just how well did that succeed? And is it worth the expense?

What ASAP Utilities is Designed to Do

Excel is admittedly slow and somewhat clunky at times, and yet it is ubiquitous among businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across the world. Excel is so widely used that many of us have reached the point where we keep it on our Smartphones so we can make last second adjustment, and we’re seeing more and more mobile integration from MS Office products every day. ASAP Utilities is an attempt to improve that process and provides a faster solution so that more work can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

Not unlike a manger, ASAP tries to find ways to make employees more efficient by streamlining tasks which are otherwise not as efficient as they can be. The name of the program is certainly reflected in the software itself! ASAP accomplishes this task by automating many of the processes that are normally done manually in Excel. And as Excel changes with new updates, so too does ASAP; it is frequently updated to so as to coincide with the latest Excel update and, in some cases, to introduce new features of its own.


There are a number of benefits to using this program for users at all levels but the so-called “power users” will definitely benefit the most from ASAP’s speed tweaks. Tedious tasks can be better automated to save you more time on large or time consuming tasks. With that said, the advantages that this system offers go further than just speed. There has been a focused effort to make this software simple and easy to use as well which is especially beneficial for those who maybe aren’t as Excel savvy as others.

User Interface:

It is probably no surprise that this software program is user-friendly since that is the basic design. Over the years as technology and software has improved, so too has the features on the ASAP Utilities add-on which has kept it relevant and made it even easier to use and understand. If there is one shining triumph of this software system, it is very easy to use.

Efficiency Tweaks:

Since 1999, the ASAP Utilities add-on for Excel has undergone many improvements over the years that help it maintain it relevancy. While new releases were once every couple of months, today an updated version is released around twice a year to keep up with the ever-changing state of Excel.

I like to consider myself an advanced user of Excel. I can pretty much do anything that needs to be done via formula or formatting and have enough knowledge of VBA that I can usually Frankenstein a working Macro together by “Recording” my Macro and watching the developer window. Admittedly, there isn’t much you can do with ASAP that isn’t possible without it, but the round-a-bout, convoluted, often very complex steps you need to take to get something to work just as you intended can be extremely frustrating. It’s especially frustrating when you just can’t figure out why something isn’t working as intended; even though it should, as far as you can tell. Coming from someone who uses Excel daily, and often has several instances of it going at once, I can tell you that ASAP makes things VASTLY easier, and simpler to accomplish!

One thing I always find myself using is the feature to reset the last cell, which for some reason, never seems to take when you’re trying to delete the affected rows for some reason. Some other really cool features include Sum by cell color; select via text format (ex: select only strikethrough, or italics); and a really advance autofill system that lets you do things like restart the count when a certain value is reached, autofill odd spaces, or add pre-fixes. You can see a full list of features here.


A recent study showed that an average ASAP Utilities users saved just over 28 hours each year. As you can see, and probably already knew, all those little wasted moments and seconds can add up! For professionals, this means that there is more time to get other tasked completed as your Excel work becomes a breeze.


The ASAP Utilities add-on for Excel is a must-have program that should be considered a basic requirement for using Excel on a regular basis. For office workers, this is necessary software as it does save a considerable amount of time while being easy to use. Even if you only use Excel on occasion, the ASAP Utilities offers a considerable number of advantages that makes it the perfect add-on.

The ASAP Utilities add-on for Excel speeds up the overall system while providing you with a user-friendly interface. For those who use Excel on a daily basis, the time saved in having some of the processes automated by this software system will mean that your work will be completed faster and more efficiently.

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