Best Free Ringtone Apps for iOS and Android

Smartphones are more affordable day after day and since they are very convenient, most people have opted for these solutions to stay in touch and access internet when they are on the go, and even at home. Mobile users are familiar with the App Store, Google Play and other options where they can find endless options in terms of apps and entertainment. One of the best ways to personalize your smartphone is to get a ringtone that suits your own style. There is an array of apps that are designed for this purpose, including many that can be downloaded for free. To help you choose the right option for your needs, we will go through a list of amazing apps that allow you to customize your phone’s ringtone.

Ringtones for iPhone FREE & Music Ringtone Maker!

Byss mobile brings a fantastic collection of music and records that you can use as your iPhone’s ringtone. There are thousands of options available and the app features a Designer that converts your iTunes tracks (mp3, AAC) to ringtones. You can also record your family or friends’ voices and other sounds as ringtones. There are multiple ways to adjust the ringtones according to your preferences.


Popular Ringtones

Created by Dale Odeyemi, this app is a great way to bring something different to your ringtone. You don’t need to settle for the default options offered by your phone’s manufacturer because Popular Ringtones gives you access to the best ringtones available in pure HD Digital format. Now you can make sure that your Android smartphone sounds just the way you want, thanks to Popular Ringtones.


Free Ringtones by ToneCrusher

Developed by Mutable, this fantastic collection of free ToneCrusher ringtones will allow you to enjoy original sounds to make your iPhone stand out from the crowd. You can get ringtones that cover styles like hip hop, house, rock, dub step and much more. With this app, you can get ringtones that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


Scary Ringtones

Halloween can be every day with the help of this app by Magi Ent. Transform your iPhone into a monster machine for creepy sounds that can be used as alarms, ringtones and notifications. If you love horror movies, this is a great choice, but it will also be perfect for anyone who just wants to scare their friends with frightening sounds.


Scary Ringtones

This is the Android option for horror fans and like the previous app, it offers a great selection of scary sounds. It features over 100 scary ringtones that will make you feel like you lived in the land of Halloween. The app was created by Aura Ringtones.


Zedge Ringtones

Zedge Ringtones is designed to offer a free and easy solution to download not only ringtones, but also notification and alarm sounds. You can find a variety of categories with many top quality ringtones that suit different styles. There are fun sound effects, traditional options and ringtones designed for special occasions. You can share ringtones with friends and family through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Keep in mind that while the Android version offers wallpapers as well as ringtones, in iOS, Zedge offers two separate apps, one of ringtones and one for wallpapers.


Free Text Tones

Free Text Tones by MobGen lets you make your alert text tones truly special. When you are in a room full of people and someone gets a text, everyone checks their phone. Now you won’t get confused because you will be able to make the sounds on your phone unique. The app offers over 100 free text tones that will allow you to personalize your iPhone to avoid confusion.


Funny ringtones in ONE has created a cool app with more than thousands of amusing ringtones, including many that are specially designed for Christmas. The search option lets you find the exact ringtone you are looking for and you can share it with friends via email for free.



This app lets you create as many ringtones as you want, using your own melodies. You can be a ringtone designer and personalize your device with ringtones that were crafted by yourself. Create custom ringtones, text tones, alerts and more, using songs in your iPhone’s music library.


Best Classical Music Ringtones

Classical music is powerful, inspiring and beautiful and with this app created by BestRingtonesApps, you will enjoy some of the best works of composers like Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Bizet and more on your Android device. You can use classical pieces as your alarm, ringtone and more.


1,001 Ringtones Lite

This app by JLC Mobile is another great option to get free ringtones on your iPhone. It offers an extensive list of high quality free ringtones. You can use different options for each of your contacts. The ringtone sounds cover different options including Dance Beats, Classical Songs, Soothing Sounds and more.


Ringtone Maker

Big Bang is the developer behind this free app that gives you the possibility to create ringtones, alarms, notifications from MP3, MP4, WAV and many more formats. You can adjust the vlume, fade in/out, and more. It is one of the most efficient and simple options to create ringtones that sound exactly how you want them to.


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