Best Airpower Wireless Charging Mats Alternatives

Though there are many compatible iPhone wireless chargers available in the market, Apple has been continuously innovating and inventing new new wireless chargers. One product that they have is the AirPower, a charging mat which could charge multiple Apple devices such as Apple Watches, iPhones and AirPods. Having an AirPower is convenient however it is also expensive to have. Finding an alternative would be practical and through this article you will be able to choose one that will suit your wallets, needs and taste.

Below are the best Airpower alternatives for iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X and a few compatible with Android devices.

1. Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Mophie is known for its reputable, effective, efficient and sleek designed cases, chargers and batteries. One product that has lived up to its name and creator’s reputation is the wireless charging base.

As Apple users are known for their taste in classy and minimalistic design, one would not go wrong with Mopie. Their wireless charger carries that elegant look that one would definitely love. As for its performance, be ready for your expectations to be met with its quick charging speed technology. Your device will be charged up to 7.5W in a very short time span. Mophie also ensures safety of your device from slipping through its TPU non-slip material.

With that said, this model is one of the highest recommended wireless charger for your Apple products.

2. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin is a popular brand for its excellent accessory products for smartphones. With that said, of course, Belkin will not be left far behind with its wireless charging pad. It has a Qi support which provides quick speed charge up to 7.5W. It also has an LED indicator which shows you that your device is being charged properly.

One with less than 3mm thickness device would not go wrong with Belkin’s boost up wireless charging pad.

3. Pleson Wireless Charging Pad

Pleson offers an affordable charging pad which everyone could afford. Though it is cheaper than most chargers, its performance levels up to its competitors. It has an LED indicator which gives indication that your device is charging properly and ss most chargers emits heat, Pleson ensures you that you will have no problem of over-heating or heating your device which charging.

4. Anker Wireless Charging Pad

Known for its power banks, Anker is not far behind in terms of innovating and moving to other products such as wireless charging pads. Anyone with a Qi standard device, Anker’s wireless charging pad is another great alternative and option. This charging device is compatible to both iPhone and Android devices. Anker also ensures that your device will not overheat with its temperature control feature. This feature will be activated once your device reaches 107 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has an idle mode which offer power saving and efficiency and does not overcharge your phones.

5. Samsung Wireless Charging Stand

Another popular and leading brand in the electronics, mobile phone and accessories industry, no one could go wrong with Samsung. Though its wireless charger is perfectly made for its own products, any device with Qi support could also use its wireless charger. This model charging device could charge 1.4 times faster than other normal standard charger. However, this will not be applicable to any apple device. But, one thing is for sure, one would surely enjoy its desktop dock for any media use.

6. SurgeDisk Wireless Charging Pad

For those who are huge on aesthetics, SurgeDisk is perfect for you. It is designed with bamboo finishing which would look good at any desk you have. Aside from looking good, this wireless charging pad offers safety through ensuring that your device will not overcharge, control over, under voltage and short circuit. As long as you have a Qi support device, no matter if your device is an Apple or Android, this charging pad is a great deal for you.

7. Choetech T523 3 Coils Wireless Charging Mat

Another affordable wireless charging mat, Choetech offers similar and even goes beyond with its other competitors through its 3 coils. These 3 coils ensure you to have a wider charging area which would not require you to align your phone to charge your phone properly. It has a temperature control feature which controls overheating once the mat reaches 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

This model is compatible with any Qi support device.

8. Smart Electronic Solutions Qi Wireless Charging Mat

A very thin wireless charger, Smart Electronic Solution’s charger supports any Qi device like iPhone, Galaxy S8, Note 8, etc. It has a safety feature against short-circuit and overheating. It ensures your battery life longer and undamaged. It is cheaper than most charger but if you are using Apple products, its 10 A power will not be applicable.

9. OVGO Wireless Charging Mat

OVGO wireless charging mat offers your device safety and protection from over, under voltage and short-circuit and allows one to charge with a phone case with less than 5mm thickness. It uses Qi standard which allows a wide range of types of phones you could use it with.

10. Antye Qi Wireless Charging Mat

This model is made of plastic and aluminum. It offers your device safety from slipping with its anti-slip design. It has an LED light indicator which informs you that your phone is charging properly. The Antye offers universal compatibility which could be used by a wide range of kinds of phones/devices.


Airpower is a great charging device that one could dream of. With its superior performance and features, having one will give one convenience and peace of mind when it comes to charging. However, with its price, not all will be able to afford such wonderful device and with that in mind, we hope that by offering other alternative wireless chargers which were featured in this article could satisfy one’s charging needs.

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