Snow Day Calculator App Alternatives

Weather is one of things that is hard to predict. One minute it is sunny the next it is raining or the next it would be snowing. Though this is the case, there have been inventions of tools to help us in forecasting or calculating the weather. One tool or platform we could use is Snow Day Calculator. This Snow Day Calculator informs its users to know the chance of snow fall in a particular area.

Snow Day Calculator was created by David Sukhin Inc. with the intention and goal of helping people who live in areas where there is snow get an accurate information on the amount of snow or chances of snow fall. This application is easy to use. All you have to do is to add your zip code and you will already get a precise information on the estimated amount of snow and chances of snow fall. The app automatically gets the information or data from National Weather Services. Aside from snow fall predictions, this app also provides information about wind pressure, temperature and many more. This app could be used through the use of a smartphone.

Aside from Snow Day Calculator, there are other apps that have similar functions and features which you could also explore and use as alternative for Snow Day Calculator.

1. My-Cast Weather Radar

My-Cast Weather Radar is one of the most widely used weather apps. It comes with numerous attractive features which one would appreciate. It includes un-cluttered base maps that could display animated radar, weather alerts, storm watch, cloud alerts and many more. In addition to that, its radar provides real time condition, temperature, dew points, wind directions, wind overlays and wind speed. It also provides hourly updates of the weather such as precipitation, weather and climate changes. Severe warnings, advisory alerts, etc. are also provided by this app. If you wish to know the whole week’s forecast, this app also has this data.

2. 1Weather

Compatible and supports iOS and Android, 1Weather comes with different customization alternatives and climate applications and data. Through this app, you will be able to receive climate news. It’s one of kind feature is it incorporates coordinated promotions and easy to use interface. It is stylish and comes with a menu that could demonstrate to you the fundamental meteorological information.

3. Storm Spotter

Storm Spotter is a tool that you could use to get information, data and details about storms near your location. Through this app, you will be able to get updates regarding the weather. In addition to that, Storm Spotter includes a number of amazing features which you will surely appreciate and enjoy. This app provides real-time updates, data and warnings regarding tornadoes, severe

thunderstorms, flash floods, climate changes and many more. Furthermore, it also has 3 levels of radar with Google Maps and lets you see all 155 radars on its map.

4. Today Weather

Today Weather has amazing, great interface that provides beautiful, simple and easy to use features of providing local weather forecasts. This app is a product of Forecast, Radar and Severe Alert that millions of people are using to get their daily weather forecasts. Through this app one could enjoy pictures related to weather and day. It also provides its users ultraviolet index, pollen count and air quality information or data. You could also get a forecast on the chances of rainfall.

5. The Weather Channel

This app is based on American satellite system which provides present to month end climate figures, climate radar, tropical storm scope and many more. The Weather Channel comes with the following features:

  • National conjecture
  • Today’s estimate
  • Severe Tempest Gauge
  • Sensitivity Tracker
  • Cultivating value
  • Climate radar maps
  • Weather in movement
  • Provincial satellite
  • High climate maps
  • Drive radar guide
  • Data on progress of temperature

6. Weather by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug provides information and alerts to its users regarding lightning and real-time weather forecast. This app provides and includes easy to use interface and tools in able to access details about the weather.

7. Windguru Lite

This app helps you access all updates about the weather and wind without having to put much effort and spend any money. This tool comes with live stations, forecasts, maps, alerts and everything you would need about the weather in your location. If you need reliable weather forecast and data or information about the weather, this app is a perfect tool for you.

8. Gismeteo Lite

This app is widely used by people who loves to gain weather information every day. Gismeteo Lite offers classy weather interface which provides intensive weather details. It provides severe weather details such as wind, air pressure, temperature and many more. In addition to that, it also offers local weather, storm alerts and weather forecasts for 48 hours. It is also a multi-lingual app which comes in English, Russian, Ukrainian and many more languages.

9. is known for providing accurate weather forecasts. It comes with meticulous details about the current climate in your area and provides you information on how to manage through certain weather conditions.

10. AccuWeather

This app is one of the most popular and widely used weather applications for local weather forecasts, ice, snow, rain storm real-time reports. It also allows its users to get a snapshot of current conditions and provides weather reports with high quality superior accuracy.

11. WarnWetter

An excellent weather app, WarnWetter, created by Deutscher Wetterdienst Inc. ensures you get an accurate report and detailed information about current weather conditions and current warnings right on your mobile phones for easier access. It comes with precise information and data which one will find it reliable and efficient source of weather information.

12. Radarscope

This app carries and includes a specialized display utility specially created for meteorologists and weather enthusiasts. It provides a super view resolution radar and a NEXRAD level 3. In addition to that, it includes warnings on thunderstorms, flash floods, tornado predicted storms and many more.

13. Wild Weather

Wild Weather is known for its precise weather forecasting reports which is easy to access. It is a smartphone compatible and provides detailed information on real-time live weather situation, accurate weather forecast and many more.

14. Weather report app and widget

One of the most used weather forecasting apps, weather report app and widget is used by millions of users from all over the globe. This app is created and introduced by Weather Widget Theme Dev. Team Inc. It provides beautiful, stunning weather widget that comes with forecast and weather details which one would surely enjoy.

15. Fu***Weather

Fu***Weather is one of the coolest weather apps which allows its users to access detailed weather conditions without having to check outside nor check the news on the TV. Through this app, you will be able to get precise and accurate weather reports in your area or current location. If you need a reliable weather app, this app is perfectly cool tool to use.

16. Accurate Weather Forecast

The Accurate Weather Forecast is a professional widget that allows its users to receive real time weather information, details and Forecast weather news. This app is created and introduced by Android Apps Studio, Inc. which helps its users to get accurate and precise daily weather details right on your cellphones.

17. What the Forecast

An award-winning weather forecasting tool, What the Forecast is an app which is used by many. It allows its users to monitor the weather wherever they are with ease. It offers accurate weather forecasts on pressure, humidity, wind, flow any many more. This app includes a seven-day weather forecasts which is very useful for those who are planning for activities, events, parties, etc.

18. KXAN Weather

One of the most outstanding weather apps, KXAN Weather allows its users from Austin and central Texas to access accurate information and details on hour by hour basis weather forecasts for the current week and the next day ahead. It is one of the most superb local forecasting app and is customized according to your need.

19. LEX 18 StormTracker Weather

This app is created specifically for iPads, iPods, iPhones, Mac and other iOS devices. It is created and developed by Cordillera Interactive, LLC which provides highly precise weather reports which you could rely on. It comes with station contents which are specifically for mobile users. It also includes a 250-meter-high resolution radar, storm tracker, cloud imaging and current weather updates hourly.

20. KLFY Weather

An amazing tool, KLFY provides weather related information that one would appreciate and could rely on. It provides severe weather situations in specific areas. This app includes a precise weather forecast report which one would surely appreciate.

21. KRQE

Do you have plans but right on the exact time it gets ruined by the unpredictability of the weather? No fret, you do not have to worry about setting up plans, outings, meetings, tours, parties etc. with KRQE. KRQE is a very reliable weather forecasting tool or platform where you could get reliable weather forecasts which you will surely find useful in planning any event, plans or activities.

22. WMUR Weather

This app is a must for those who needs to monitor the weather and news. This app in fact allows its users to watch the Manchester’s local newscast live which is where you could get your daily dose of weather forecasts and news.

23. My-Cast Weather Lite

My-Cast Weather Lite is a tool which you could rely on getting precise real condition and current status of the weather. This app includes an animated radar feature which you will surely enjoy and could depend on specially if you have plans, this app will surely warn you of what the weather will be all throughout the day.

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