Beste Android Vine-Bearbeitungs-Apps

Now, you have shot videos- vines as they call it, isn’t it great if you are able to edit these vines before sharing it to the world? One way to edit your vine is through vine editing apps and through this article, you will have an idea which apps are the best you could use for your android.

The following are the best vine editing apps:

1. Videoshop

Videoshop has simple interface but offers useful editing for all kinds of videos for Vine, Instagram and other social media. This app allows you to trim and cut, add music from your iPod library, record your own voice or in its videoshop’s library where there are different sound effects and select different filters. You could also put your video in slow motion or in fast motion and combine multiple clips. Lastly, this app allows you to rescale your videos within the frame and play videos in reverse.

2. VideoShow

This video app is known for making video editing easy, pleasant and fast to use. It allows you to add other video clips to the video you are editing. It also allows you to cut and add music from your library, add texts, 30 different stickers and filter for more life and color.

The amazing part of this app is it has a toolbox option which enables you to cut your video efficiently.

3. VivaVideo

This app caters not only vines but also other types and kinds of videos. This app has user-friendly and has great editing options such as cutting, adding clips, music and texts. You could also playback videos in reverse, record your voice, add pictures, stickers and filters.

4. Video Tools

This app is the simplest and easiest to use editing app. You could add animal effects and sounds, quotes, laugh, explosion effects, rotate your video, add stickers and adjust video settings such as brightness, contrast, etc.

5. FilmoraGo

You could start using this app by downloading your video from your library or Facebook, then, trim or cut them or combine it with other clips you would like to add. Once done, you will be given an option to choose a theme, music and text with font and color. Lastly, you will have to save your video in the scale size that suits your need.

6. Lomotif

Lomotif is known for its minimalistic interface and design. It has useful functions offered such as allowing you to add music from iTunes, combine other clips, add filters, stickers and titles.

7. Video Star Editor

Video Star Editor offers numerous effects; you could choose from. You could show your mood, create reversed clips, have clones, put your video on slow motion or fast motion. You could also create a stop motion and green screen effect. This app also allows you to add as many scenes in 6 seconds.

8. KineMaster

The most sophisticated vine editor, the KineMaster brings editing to the next level. It has inbuilt options such being able to support videos in MP4, 3GP, MOV, pictures in JPEG, PNG, WebP, BMP, GIF audio in MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV.

9. Flipagram

This app is user- friendly and allows other social media to share your edited videos. It also allows you to choose clips you would like to edit, add music, special effects, text which you could change fonts and add effects. Lastly, you could save your video in your album or library.

10. Video Editor

Video editor has great features and useful functions such as having play/pause button which helps in syncing and in timing with music. This app also allows rotation, cropping, slow motion, removing the sound or audio from the video and allows you to screenshot your video while playing it.

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