Best Apps to identify songs on Android

There may be times when you hear a song and you instantly fall in love with it, but can’t find out who is the artist or what is the title of the song. Maybe there is a tune in your head and you can remember the lyrics, which makes it even more difficult to try to figure out what is the name of the song. Thankfully, there are ways to identify the song that is playing so that you can add to your music library and listen to it again and again. The apps in this list offer the necessary features that will allow you to recognize a song that is playing on the radio or that you hear in a bar. With these solutions, you won’t miss the chance to find your new favorite artist.


Millions of users rely on Shazam to identify music, get the lyrics of their favorite songs and to discover new artists and songs. With Shazam, you will be able to identify music immediately and you can even find out what music has been discovered by your favorite artists. Some of the most popular artists in the industry are using Shazam and their discoveries are available in the app. You can follow new artists and find out how they are using Shazam.

The app also gives you easy access to lyrics, music videos and you can add songs to your Spotify playlists. Shazam is a must-have for music lovers because apart from helping users to find the songs they have been struggle to identify, it provides a great selection of information and news. If an amazing song is playing around you and you don’t know who is the artist or what is the name of the song, you can simply open Shazam, place your Android device’s microphone near the source from where the music is coming from and Shazam will find it in its music directory.


SoundHound is another widely used app that helps you to answer the question “what is the name of that song?”. The app enjoys high rating in the Google Play store and it is trusted by over 300 million users around the world. Just like Shazam, SoundHound can listen to the song that is playing in the background or on your device, and identify it. Once it compares the track to its database, it delivers information, full-length songs and even includes videos and lyrics. The handsfree feature allows you to look for a song just by saying “Ok Hound…” and adding the task that you want the app to complete, such as accessing your music history or telling you what’s that song that is playing. SoundHound also gives you access to information about new artists, new releases and the most popular songs in worldwide charts.

TrackID – Music Recognition

TrackID by Sony is one of the best options to identify that song that has been on your mind for ages, It is a high quality Music recognition app that allows Android users to identify music in their surrounding. Within only a few seconds, the app can tell you what song you are currently listening to. The app offers a straightforward, well-designed interface, it is easy to use and supports over 60 languages. TrackID also lets you explore information about your favorite artists as it includes biographies, music videos, top global charts and more. Connecting the app to Spotify allows you to listen to the full song and to add it to your playlist. There is an offline mode that allows you to capture the song on your mobile so that the app can identify it once you connect to the internet. It is a practical option that works particularly well with music genres like Rock and Pop.


MusixMatch is an app that can help you to identify music by getting access to a vast collection of lyrics and even translations. With MusixMatch you can get instant synchornized lyrics for popular music and video streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Apple Music and Pandora. You can access a real-time notification to get the Floating Lyrics widget and see the lyrics of the track that is currently playing. It is a good option to learn a new language since it shows the original lyrics, as well as the translation. By getting the lyrics to any song that is playing around, you will be able to discover the artist and the title as well. You can also search for songs by entering a single line of the lyrics. The app can detect songs from an external source, as well as tracks that are played from the Music app of your device. In order to use the external sound function, you just need to select MusicID from the menu.

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