Beste Plugins für Parallaxe-Scrolling

You probably have come across long scrolling sites since they are very common nowadays. Parallax scrolling sites are one of the most interesting options available within this design category since the images move to offer a parallax effect. When the user scrolls down the page, the animations are prompted and overall there is a cool and unique feeling about the website, as long as it is implemented as it should. The issue is that creating a parallax scrolling site can be a daunting task and you need to know a lot about Javascript, CSS and design in order to get a good result. We have prepared a list of the best Parallax scrolling plugins which help you to create parallax scrolling sites. In addition, they have a comprehensive parallax effect library that allows you to develop great looking pages faster and easier. Keep in mind that in order to use these plugins, you need to have some knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, Javascript and CSS. Furthermore, the majority of options listed need Jquery as well.


This is a jQuery scroll-jacking to us plugin, which means that the browser’s native scroll is deactivated in order to offer targeted scrolling that moves you to the next vertical point on the screen, once it is initiated by your mouse wheel or touchpad. Alton supports three different types of functions known as Standard, Hero and Bookend. Standard lets you use full page scrolling with every section of 100% height. The next section or the previous section is pushed up-front by the scroll. Hero lets you scroll jack only the Hero section along with the rest of the page. Bookend, as the name suggests gives you the possibility of creating a bookend style experience.


This is a jQuery plugin that gives you the possibility of creating a website into different sections that are piled on top of each other. As you scroll, or access the URL, every section appears in a neat sliding animation. pagePiling.js works with all platforms including desktop, tablet and mobile and it works with the majority of browsers available. It even delivers nice results in older browsers that don’t have animation support. To be able to use pagePiling.js, you need to add a CSS and a Javascript file inside your HTML.


This is a popular jquery plugin that comes with an extensive list of features. With ScrollMagic, you can create amazing scroll effects and animate based on the scroll position. It is possible to move, fix or animate HTML elements while you scroll, for the lenght of time you want. In addition, it is possible to add parallax effects to your websites without hassle. ScrollMagic supports many customization options and it is a lightweight solution. In addition, it offers great documentation and resources.


This lightweight pure Javascript and CSS library doesn’t involve jQuery. In essence, it is a simplified version of Scroll Magic for CSS. In order to use Skrollr, you don’t have to have knowledge of jQuery or Javascript. As long as you can manage HTML and CSS, you will be fine. Skrollr uses data attributes to allow you to animate any HTML element. However, one of the main downsides is that animation only works as teh page is being scrolled, when not, the effects are not available.


From the same creator of pagePiling.js, multiscroll is a plugin that allows you to create effects in which each section loads in two separate parts that slide into place as the page loads. You can check out the homepage to find out how it looks like on the browser. With multiScroll.js, you can set the scrolling speed, keyboard scrolling option, easing and many other options. This lets you customize the effect to achieve the exact result that you expect.


This plugin lets you add simple parallax scroll effects to your page. It can rotate, scale, translate and change the opacity of elements on the page’s elements, while you scroll down. Javascript is not needed to use ScrollMe and as long as you have knowledge of CSS, you will be able to implement it. You can add the class “animateme” and the relevant data attributes to animate any HTML element. ScrollMe is the most practical solution to add CSS effects. It is lightweight and the animations run smoothly.


This is a jQuery plugin that lets you add parallax scrolling effects easily. In order to use it, first you need to run the $.stellar() function. It is possible to configure animation settings for individual elements using data attributes on that element. Stellar also allows you to have parallax backgrounds, which re-position on scroll. Offsets is a practical feature supported by Stellar.js. This ensures that all elements go back to their original position once their offset parent finds the edge of the screen-plus or minus your own optional offset, letting you create complex parallax patterns without complications.

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