Best Plagiarism checking app for bloggers

Plagiarism is a big headache for many content marketers and if preventive measures are not taken on the closing window, this means right before publishing an article on the blog.

As a result, sooner or later your blogging website is going to crash down soon.

Although bloggers love blogging here and there and creating different content for several websites, the undeniable truth is that most people are lazy these days.

They rely upon others and when coming to freelancers not all, but seriously most of them when asked to write down a short article on some random topic, what is the next thing they do?

They simply copy-paste the topic, find the best content on Google and again copy, give it a few touches here and there, and finally send it to the webmaster or the blogger to publish it. 

Suddenly the next morning webmaster wakes up with a stockpile of emails saying the content is old, or copied.

Now don’t think that this happens only while outsourcing, but it also happens when webmasters take guest posting from other marketers.

Although guest posting has some advantages, unique and relevant articles is the one which will give benefits, rather than a copied or paraphrased content as this will only sabotage your SEO efforts.

Similarly when publishing your articles one should always use a plagiarism checker to take precautionary measures before falling into a plagiarism act.

There are several types of plagiarism, so falling into any one of them can have serious consequences, like Copyright issues, Google penalties, etc.

Hence, it should be avoided at all costs.

As there are thousands of plagiarism checkers available online, all of them claim to be the best ones but are they worth it to be called as best?

So let us see, the best plagiarism checking application for bloggers.

Best plagiarism checking application for bloggers     

Although plagiarism checking software is built in classical form, to give bloggers an extra comfort level the top-quality plagiarism checking software is now designed in application version.

1. Skandy

Downloads: 100k+

Rating: 3.4 

App size: 64Mb

Skandy is one of the popular choices among bloggers, students, and different professionals for plagiarism checking.     

Wie funktioniert es?

First of all, you need to download this application from the play store.

Secondly, it requires subscription credentials like email, contact number, etc.

A user can use it by uploading a file on its user interface, it offers four options like the user can upload a file from Google drive, check URL, upload from its library, and even allows to take a photo and then scans it.

Finally, reports the content showing uniqueness and plagiarism in it.  

Other features included are:

  • A user can easily upload a picture directly from the source and check the plagiarism in it 
  • It helps to directly check the plagiarism through a mobile’s local storage
  • It helps in converting an image to text 
  • It supports major file formats 
  • It notifies the user through notifications or emails about the plagiarism report 
  • It’s a paid application so since the user pays for the services so there are no promotional ads in it.

2. Prepostseo

Downloads: 100k+

Rating: 3.5 

App size: 16Mb

Prepostseo is one of the best free plagiarism checker application, thousands of people are taking the benefits of this top-quality detector.

Wie funktioniert es?

Download the application through the play store.

Create an account.

There is no upfront subscription fee to use this application but to exceed search queries and take advantage of extra features a user has to subscribe from one of its premium plans.

As compared to other applications this app uses one of the latest cutting technologies that use OCR and Artificial intelligence technologies to scan a document and fetch the data precisely.

So it gives a great advantage to the user to use this software even for physical documents like books, essays, etc. 

Just take a picture, upload it on the user interface and it will deeply analyze the document with a vast online source library and finally generate a detailed report.

In its detailed report, it shows readability score, percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism, and total word count.  

Other features included are:

  • Very intuitive user interface
  • Excellent layout 
  • Generates a detailed report 
  • Academic enriched vast data library
  • Shows SEO readability factor in a numeric form
  • Supports 13+ languages to check plagiarism in different languages
  • Uses latest OCR technologies to scan a physical document and checks plagiarism in it
  • Supports all the major formats such as PDF, DOCX, TXT, URL, etc.
  • Customizable pricing plans and easy to cancel or renew subscription
  • Only plagiarism checker that offers 500,000 queries in its premium plans  
  • Equipped with the latest APIs and Advanced Algorithms which has no sentence limit to scan a text.

3. Plagly

Downloads: 10,000+

Rating: 1.3 

App size: 4Mb

Plagly is a popular plagiarism checker, many academic writers prefer this application due to its proficiency in academic writings.

Wie funktioniert es?

Download the app from the Google play store

Create a profile.

Pay an upfront subscription fee. 

Start using it, by uploading files from a local library or an online source, it will scan the document word by word, and finally generate a report with a percentage of uniqueness or plagiarism.  

Other features included are:

  • Enriched with academic vocabulary
  • Programmed with auto subscription but easy to cancel
  • Frequent algorithms update regularly
  • Analyzes duplication from 20 billion+ online sources
  • Uses next-level technologies to check advanced level paraphrasing texts
  • Uses natural language processing that helps in eliminating grammatical errors and determine the source.

4. Plagiarism checker

Downloads: 50,000+

Rating: 2.9 

App size: 3.2Mb

Plagiarism checker application is another popular choice for people looking to check plagiarism in their writing.

Wie funktioniert es?

Download the application from the Google play store.

Create a username and password to use it.

Upload files through an online resource or local library, just ensure, it only supports few files like Docx and PDF files.

So format your file into these types before using it.

Then upload the file to let it scan and check the quality of the content uploaded on it. 

Finally, it will show a percentage of how much content is plagiarized and how much it’s unique, along with its matching sources.

Other features included are:

  • Precisely analyzes every single sentence of a text
  • It gives instant results
  • Helps to share the final reports with other colleagues or clients  
  • Uses great layout structure to use it easily 
  • Scans thoroughly a document and compares it with online sources to show the exact matching source 
  • It helps by highlighting grammatical or misspelling errors in a document while checking plagiarism in it.


Although there are numerous options in the online world for bloggers to look out for the best plagiarism for their needs, above-mentioned applications are the best-shortlisted plagiarism checkers recommended by top bloggers.

It can be hard for any new blogger or writer to choose the best one out of thousands of applications. 

Hence, these applications will certainly save anyone’s time and money.

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