Details des neuen Microsoft-Browsers namens "Spartan" online durchgesickert

Windows 10, which was announced few weeks ago, is said to introduce a new Microsoft browser codenamed ‘Spartan’ that will be an important part of the Windows 10 platform.

Spartan is not just another updated version of Internet Explorer; it uses Trident rendering engine which is a new method of rendering web pages and the old Chakra JavaScript engine that was also a part of Internet Explorer. This doesn’t mean death to the Internet Explorer. According to sources, both Spartan and Internet Explorer will continue to exist in Windows 10 as separate applications.

It is said that the new browser is expected to perform like lightweight browser such as Chrome, Firefox etc. An interesting thing about Spartan is that it will support extensions. This was not supported in IE. Another hot topic that is being discussed about the new Spartan browser is that it will be integrated with Microsoft’s Cortana assistant technology to help people yield better results and usability.


Spartan will include support for stylus that will allow users to add written notes and annotations to web pages and send them to their colleagues or friends. These web pages will be stored on OneDrive for later use on any other platform (mobile, tablets etc)

Even though Trident is an old rendering engine, but Microsoft is still relying on it for Spartan as it will help the new browser to detect sites that are specifically written for IE to render them exactly like IE would. Microsoft is expected to unveil its new Spartan browser at the Windows 10 preview event that is scheduled to take place on January 21.

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