Galaxy Note 7 cases leak online

With Samsung’s next great Galaxy due to be unveiled on August 2nd, the Galaxy Note 7 cases are the next topic of conversation on the minds of Samsung faithful who realize that the next Galaxy will sport the dual-edge design of the Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, and now the Galaxy S7 edge. Online retailer MobileFun has already shown us a Galaxy Note 7 screen protector by Olixar that reveals 1) the edge design and 2) the USB Type-C charging port, so we’re not surprised to learn these things, but other Galaxy Note 7 cases have made their way onto the retailer’s website — showing that manufacturers are quietly preparing for the Galaxy Note 7 unveiling on August 2nd.

Now, MobileFun is back to leak more Galaxy Note 7 cases for the upcoming handset. Some of the cases that the online retailer offers for the Galaxy Note 7 are from renown third-party manufacturers 1) Spigen, 2) Ringke, and 3) Olixar. Others, however, are official Samsung accessories, Galaxy Note 7 cases made by Samsung that are specifically designed for the Galaxy Note 7, such as 1) Official Samsung S-View Galaxy Note 7 case (Black, Blue, Gold, and Yellow), 2) Galaxy Note 7 Clear View Cover Case in Black, Blue, and Gold, 3) Leather Cover (Black), 4) LED Flip Wallet Cover (Black, Blue, and Gold), 5) Lens Cover (Black), and a 6) QWERTY Keyboard Cover (Black).

Now, third-party cases are provided at the source link below, but we suggest to you (as always) that manufacturers who design cases for their smartphones know best how to manufacture them. While Olixar, Spigen, and Rinke are fine manufacturers whose products have well-known seals of approval, Samsung manufactures its own smartphones and can provide some insight into case design that other manufacturers can’t. Of course, the Korean giant is happy to see anyone pick up Galaxy Note 7 cases (in the same way that the company has welcomed wireless charging Galaxy S7 edge cases) because that is evidence the individual (s) has purchased its latest handset, but we encourage you to give Samsung’s cases an opportunity if any random list of third-party accessories seems overwhelming.

Now that the list of Galaxy Note 7 cases is out, the question becomes: Which one (s) are you buying?


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