Intel launched its 5th generation Core vPro processors

Today, Intel took the curtains off its next generation of processors called the Core vPro. It’s the fifth generation of Intel processors which aims at providing wire-free version of computing by offering several of the new wire-free features introduced by Intel in Core vPro.

Intel has been working hard on developing a personal computer that relies on cable connection as little as possible. The new core vPro processor provides a lot of new and improved features including better performance, longer battery life (in terms of laptops or tablets) and has better graphics technology than the 4th generation processors.

The two biggest features of the Core vPro processor which are completely new is the ability to connect with a lot of different peripherals wirelessly. The processor includes Intel’s latest wireless display technology which will help people to present their slides or make a presentation on big displays without needing the cable connection. The second feature is wireless docking which enable users to connect their laptops with an external display, keyboard and mouse.

Another important feature included in the Core vPro processors is better security. These chips provide stronger security protocols than previous Intel processor chips. It also allows remote access even if the system is turned off.

Tom Garrison, general manager of Intel’s business client platforms said, “We aim to transform the user experience by helping them compute from virtually anywhere without the clutter and burden of wires”.

Intel’s latest move to switch the personal computing space into a wireless workspace will help to increase attraction towards new PCs. PC market has been shrinking for over two year as consumers are more included towards smartphones and tablets for their every day needs.

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