How To Maintain Good Communication In Your Workplace

Communication is one of the key factors for working well in a team and progressing as a company. There are some effective ways you can keep in contact within your company, no matter what industry you’re working in. Without an effective communications plan in place, you will have trouble in future and maybe some issues within the company. Life is much easier when someone knows how to communicate within a team and then it will be more straightforward to keep customers and clients happy. Depending on the industry you work in, here are some tips for maintaining good communication within your workplace… 

Use gadgets to keep in contact when working outside or in large spaces

If you work outside in the events industry or in a large space, like a University campus, it can be difficult to communicate with colleagues without shouting or spending time walking all the way to them. Mobile phones can be used in these situations but they aren’t reliable, with battery issues and signal problems, a more durable solution is needed. For big or small teams working in these types of areas,  two way radios uk are an ideal, durable option. 

Two way radios don’t rely on signals and have a battery life that lasts for days. There are also waterproof and dustproof options for those working out at sea, near swimming pools, the sea or generally places that could come into contact with rain or water. More advantages of two way radios are the fact they can be used by any age, messages can be sent out to groups with just one simple click of a button. 

Weekly check-ins and meetings 

It’s useful to have meetings set up for the same time every week, whether you’re in the office or working remotely. This way everyone will be in the routine of attending meetings, and they will be able to come prepared if they have any questions. Without weekly check-ins you might be unsure of how your colleagues are, and it’s especially important to check if you’re working remotely. 

Pick up the phone instead of emailing

Whether you’re dealing with clients, customers or members of your team, sometimes it’s more personal to put up the phone for a conversation. This can also be quicker and more effective for getting things done, if you don’t end up talking for ages that is! 

Organise socials and meet up face-to-face when possible 

During a pandemic this might be more difficult but it’s a great idea to plan events for the future and organise online events. You could do this on Friday so you aren’t disturbing the work week and everyone has something to look forward to before they start the weekend. If your company has a large budget, you can book trips abroad, this is ideal for team building and creates closer relationships among colleagues. 

Use email marketing and social media to check-in with clients and customers

If you have good communication set up within your workplace, you are likely to be able to spend more time on your customers and clients. Checking in with them is also important and it doesn’t take long to create some effective social media posts with engaging questions to show you care about them. The same goes for email marketing, if you have a marketing team you can organise weekly updates to go out to clients and customers or even monthly newsletters, just to keep them in the loop.

Now that you are aware of some of the best ways to keep in contact with your team in a business sense, start putting them into practice if you haven’t already. If you think your team already has a great communication model setup, you can introduce some extras like social events to keep everyone happy in the long run. Keep communicating effectively and your company will go far! 

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