Simply Declare Travel App

Travelling abroad allows you to discover new places, enjoy food that you never imagined you would dare to try, make friends and even get a different view on life. Of course, there are different kinds of travelers and for some, the experience is mainly about getting away from the routine and relaxing. Although there are aspects of travelling that can be stressful, the good news is that it is possible to find helpful apps that aim to deal with some of them. Simply Declare focuses on getting rid of the stress of keeping track and declaring items that you bought in a foreign country for duty purposes.

Whether you go on holidays or travel abroad for businesses on a regular basis, you may end up buying things that are typical from the country that you are visiting but that are not common at your home. Or, you may find better deals on certain products and will take the opportunity to buy them for a better price. In many cases, you will need to declare the goods when you get back to the country where you live. However, keeping all the receipts and taking note of every single purchase can be a hassle. It doesn’t matter if you are on a leisure trip or a busy business trip, the last thing you want is to have to worry about what you need to declare. This is when Simply Declare comes handy. Here we will find out more about this convenient app.


Simply Declare offers a straightforward interface that includes all the features that you need, without feeling overloaded. The app’s main purpose is to simplify the process of declaring goods at customs. It allows you to keep a personal track of everything that you buy, without having to hold on to several paper receipts. You just need to take a photo of each receipt to store it.

The app is specially designed for people for travel around the world and its real-time currency exchange functionality supports 34 currencies. You can even add custom currencies if they are not in the list. Simply Declare can handle multiple currencies on the same trip and there is a practical Quick Currency Converter available as an in-app purchase.

You can take photos of the invoices instantly and once they have been captured, Simply Declare can organize them in an itemized list. The app allows you to check all your purchases easily, which will help when you are filling out your declaration form. It is also useful for keeping in mind your allowed quota for duty-free. The receipts and lists can be sent by email to yourself so that you can keep them for future reference. The app also offers iCloud support.

Simply Declare doesn’t require roaming. You can access the app and manage its features when you connect to internet via WiFi in your hotel or a restaurant. The app has been optimized for iOS 9, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and it also works with iPad and iPod Touch. There is a free version that supports the basic features, but in order to be able to access all the options that Simply Declare supports, you will need to pay $1.99 for the Pro version. Additionally, there are in-app purchases that allow you to get support for over 160 currencies, keep history of trips or create individual lists.


Simply Declare has been recognized by several tech news and travel sites as a must-have solution for travelers. It is a simple and effective solution for people who love buying souvenirs or who can’t resist a deal when they travel abroad. The app is easy to use and it can be used for any trip.

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