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Beste intelligente WLAN-Kaffeemaschinen

Coffee is one of the essential morning routine drinks which could save a day full of activities. This is the reason we have check the market and looked for the best smart coffee makers. Through smart WiFi coffee makers, mornings get easier and more convenient. This is why through this article, we shall feature the best smart WiFi coffee makers.

Beste intelligente WLAN-Kaffeemaschinen

Keurig K-Supreme Smart WiFi Coffee Maker


  • WiFi enabled
  • Keurig app integration
  • Customizable strength, temperature and size setttings
  • Innovative multi-stream technology
  • BrewID technology for optimized brewing

The Keurig K-supreme smart WiFi coffee maker ensures that your mornings are made easier with its WiFi feature. It is perfect for coffee lovers who need convenience and at the same time versatility.

This coffee machine comes in stylish black color with numerous features such as BrewID technology, expert-crafted brewing options, innovative multistream technology and lastly it also has the ability to brew hot coffee over ice.

It allows its users to adjust brewing settings according to their preferences. Its multistream technology on the other hand has the ability to saturate coffee grounds in a uniform manner which makes coffee more flavorful. Its brew over ice feature is impressive as well. Through this feature, you would be able to make flavorful iced coffee.

This smart WiFi coffee maker comes with five settings with six temperature settings. It also has six temperature settings. It offers four brewing sizes – 6,8, 10 and 12 oz. Lastly, it could store up to 10 personalized settings.

As for compatibility of WiFi, the good news is it also comes with Keurig app which makes it more convenient. Through this app, you would be able to schedule brewing times, adjust settings and even save favorite configurations.


  • Could accommodate tall travel mugs
  • Ten custom settings storage
  • Large reservoir
  • Brew over ice capability


  • Reusable filter sold separately
  • Not compatible with 5 GHz networks

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker


  • Alexa voice control integration
  • Front-fill water reservoir
  • Programmable 12-cup capacity
  • Cleaning cycle reminder

This smart coffee maker would definitely be great in your kitchen. It is very convenient and easy to use especially with its voice control feature through integration of Alexa technology. It has a 12-cup capacity and it allows you to adjust its brewing strength as well.

This coffee maker is designed with a front-fill water reservoir and a hinged brew basket which could easily make your preferred blend. Its lid makes it possible for you to put n the necessary ingredients. It is easy to setup and it is simple to use.

With the cleaning cycle reminder, you could be assured to be reminded as to when your machine would need to be cleaned. It also has an automatic shut-off feature wherein it would turn off automatically after two hours of brewing.

It is compatible with Alexa voice control and it is convenient especially with its easy to use front fill water reservoir and cleaning cycle reminder.


  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Effortless Alexa app routine
  • Swing out brew basket
  • Responsive voice commands


  • Limited brew strength options
  • Must create Alexa routines for optimal voice control

SPINN Coffee Maker Pro


  • Precision burr grinder
  • Centrifugal brewing
  • Zero-waste coffee system
  • WiFi enabled controls

This coffee machine definitely provides you high-quality coffee right in your own home. It is WiFi enabled machine and it comes with water supply line compatible which means you would not need to worry about refilling water. What is more impressive about this coffee machine is that it is partnered with a precision burr grinder which ensures it would provide you intricate flavors of coffee.

The performance of this coffee machine is exceptional. It has a higher level of control through its Spinn app which allows its users to remotely brew their coffee and customize the brewing settings.

A standout feature that you would definitely love about this coffee machine is its zero-waste coffee system which uses the whole coffee bean instead of using filters and pods. Its coffee grounds would definitely be loved by your plants in your garden.


  • Customizable brewing options
  • Barista quality coffee
  • Uses whole beans
  • Offers remote control through its Spinn App


  • Teuer
  • Water supply line compatibility makes it less portable

Mixpresso WiFi Coffee


  • LCD touch screen for intuitive operation
  • Programmable controls
  • Borosilicate Glass Carafe
  • Anti-drip system

This coffee machine is amazing especially with its programmable controls. It is very convenient and very versatile as well as it is easy to use. It comes with an LCD touch screen control panel and has a 24-hour programmable set up time. Furthermore, it offers a Borosilicate Glass Carafe with ergonomic handle and drip-free pour spout.

It has a compact design which is perfect for small kitchens. It is eco-friendly and it is a smart automatic machine which allows you to control the machine through your smartphone or if you wish you could manually control it.

What is great about this machine is that it has a one-year warranty which makes it a good investment.


  • Ergonomic handle for easy pouring
  • Permanent mesh filter
  • Stylish design
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Warranty policy


  • Could be difficult to clean
  • Brews coffee slowly


What is a smart WiFi coffee maker?

It is a coffee maker which uses WiFi and could be controlled remotely through app or smart home assistant.

How do smart WiFi coffee makers work?

It works by connecting to WiFi network which allows you to control the machine remotely.

Are smart WiFi coffee makers more expensive than regular coffee makers?

They are more expensive that regular coffee makers due to its technology and features.

What are the benefits of smart WiFi coffee maker?

It makes coffee making more convenient. It allows you to set up brewing schedules and adjust settings and features.

Do all smart WiFi coffee makers have the same features?

No, the differences of features depend on the brand and model of the coffee maker.

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