Sprint Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 4 receive Android Marshmallow

The Galaxy Note 5 has been available on the market since August 2015, with the device now 7 months old. With that said, the Galaxy Note 5 was released with Android 5.1 Lollipop, and the device has been getting updated to Android Marshmallow this month. Verizon released the Android Marshmallow update as early as two to three weeks ago, but Sprint is now getting Android Marshmallow out to its Galaxy Note 5 users.

The Android Marshmallow update brings Google’s Now On Tap, detailed battery stats, customizable app permissions, and more. Samsung brings its own features to the Galaxy Note 5, such as a different color scheme for its TouchWiz overlay and new wallpapers, among others. Instead of going with the blue/green look for TouchWiz that has dominated since at least Android 4.4 KitKat and earlier, Samsung has now opted for a white and blue color scheme in Android Marshmallow where the white spaces are for bars that work well with blue icons.

We presume that the Galaxy Note 5 will get a battery boost as a result of Android Marshmallow, considering that Google’s new Doze Mode and further app optimizations save battery life when the Galaxy Note 5 is idle and not in use. Google has locked down OEMs with Doze Mode, and Samsung, being an Android OEM, had no choice but to include Android Marshmallow within its Galaxy software — even if the company already has Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving battery modes.

Sprint has other goodies involved in the Android Marshmallow update (which brings these devices up to Android 6.0.1), and the 1.4GB update is also available for the Sprint Galaxy Note 4. We’ve heard that the Theme Store, a part of the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge Plus, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 edge has not yet arrived on the Galaxy Note 4 with Android Marshmallow — and we doubt it ever will, along with Samsung’s Always On Display (AOD) that the Korean giant has said will not come to current devices outside of 2016 smartphones and beyond.

Head on over to your phone settings, select software update, and hit that button. Let us know if you’ve received the update and whether or not you’re pleased with Samsung’s changes in TouchWiz as well as Google’s own additions to Android.

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