How to Track your Credit Scores for free from your iOS device

The App Store offers a great selection of apps that allow you to manage your finances effectively. There are great options that can simplify even time-consuming and annoying tasks like monitoring your credit report and keeping track of your credit scores. If you live in the United States, the three main credit bureaus you need to keep an eye on are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Knowing these three credit scores is crucial because banks and businesses may get your score from any of them.

Each bureau makes its own calculation and reporting, meaning that it is possible that they don’t reflect the same information. If you only monitor one of your scores, you may miss discrepancies in the others, which may still affect you. In order to stay on top of all your credit scores, you can use different finance apps to check them as often as needed, with the help of your iPhone or iPad and for free. The two best options available are and Credit Karma and here is how you can use them. lets you find out your Experian score and it is designed to help you to manage your credit easily. It offers accurate data and personalized advice from credit experts that will suit your situation. aims to help users to achieve and maintain great credit reputation, helping them to enjoy a solid financial situation and avoid having to pay interest. The app is simple and it provides monthly updates about your score, which would be enough in most cases when an important financial decision has to be made.

The downside of is that while it offers a quick and simple way to access your Experian credit score, if you want the full report, you will need to get it directly from Experian or other service. Still, is a practical solution to keep track of your score and to understand how it is calculated. You will also be able to improve your credit score with the helpful advice that the app provides. lets you see how you compare to others and its money-saving recommendations will allow you to determine which credit products you are eligible for, based on your current credit score. It is a free and convenient way to monitor your score in Experia to avoid any surprises.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a reliable credit and financial management solution that allows you to get free credit scores and reports. With this award-winning app you can monitor your credit easily as they will send you alerts about any important changes that take place. Credit Karma focuses on TransUnion and Equifax, and if you come across any errors, you will be able to submit a dispute from within the app. It is also a convenient solution for understanding your scores and reports. Additionally, it offers recommendations for your specific case.

After you enter your information and verify your identity in the app, you will get access to Equifax and TransUnion scores and reports for free. The best thing about Credit Karma is that it updates the data on a regular basis and it presents it in a clear way. Millions of users in the US rely on Credit Karma thanks to its ease of use, regular updates and practical features.

The option to submit disputes through the app in case you notice any error makes things easier. You won’t need to dispute items through the bureaus, which can be a hassle. Although Equifax’s dispute process can be more complicated than the TransUnion’s, Credit Karma simplifies both processes, helping you to save time and avoid stress. After filing a dispute, you could get errors on a report fixed within 72 hours and without having to pay. This is a fantastic advantage of using Credit Karma.

If you want to keep an eye on your credit reports in a simple and convenient way, Credit Karma would be an excellent choice. You will be able to access credit reports in an uncluttered, easy to understand way. Since it offers practical tips and recommendations based on your reports, you can find out what are the chances of getting approved for loans and credit cards before applying for them.

Alternative options to monitor your credit

If you want additional ways to keep an eye on your credit score for free, you can consider the solutions offered by some credit card companies as part of their service. Just check the benefits that you are entitled to see if credit monitoring is part of the options that your current card provides. Some cards offer details of your credit situations in additional scoring systems (such as FICO) apart from the ones above mentioned. Since there are different scoring systems and they all can have an impact on your credit reputation, it is important to combine multiple solutions to keep track of all your credit scores.

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