Tynker – Coding for Kids. Visual Programming to Code Games and Apps

It is common to see young children playing with mobile devices and handling them with remarkable ease. This generation becomes familiar with technology from a young age and they embrace it effortlessly. This could bring many benefits for the future of the tech industry as the kids of today could be the genius developers of tomorrow.

Tynker is an app that clearly understand this potential and it offers a fun, easy way for children to learn programming. Learning code has a positive impact on analytical, logical and abstract thinking and with this app, children can get the basics while they have fun. You’ll find out more about this fantastic app here.

What Does Tynker Offer

Tynker teaches the basics of programming through puzzles and allows children to create their own games following their step-by-step coding tutorials. The app is entertaining, interactive and it offers a simple way to keep children engaged in the learning process. While programming can seem difficult and “too advanced” for children, the truth is that there are many advantages of learning to code from a young age. Since logical thinking is crucial for programming, learning it will helps kids to develop analytical skills.

Tynker offers a solution to make the learning process fun, interactive and effective. It features animations and games that keep children interested as they learn. The app works so well that it is used in schools to teach programming to children in third grade and above. It helps kids to get familiar with the logic of code through the use of simple commands.

How Does it Work

Children will use commands like Run, Jump, Move and will have to place them in logical order to reach the objective of a specific game or animation. Tynker teaches code through visual clues and simple instructions. Teachers and parents will be able to manage the app easily and to understand how it guides kids through the process of learning to code. Kids acquire the basics by solving puzzles and identifying patterns. They can apply other essential thinking skills like problem solving, sequencing, spatial visualization and more.

Through the simple visual language that Tynker uses, children can learn and apply concepts such as repetition, variables, functions and conditional logic, which are the same concepts used in any standard programming language. With Tynker it is possible to create and share your own games and apps with the community. The games and apps are created using the same visual programming language featured in the puzzles. You can work offline when internet connection is not available.


There is a great selection of games to learn to code and over 100 step-by-step tutorials that will allow kids to work on their own games and projects. The games available include Candy Quest (which allows you to sequence programming commands to lead your character to home), Monster High (you will help the ghouls on a scavenger hunt using code) and Crash Course, which focuses on programming drones, lights and Sphero in a virtual environment. Through in-app purchases it is possible to get additional games like Dragon Journey and Lazer Racer.

The tutorials will help kids to learn important aspects to create their own games and apps including drawing, animation, motion, music, storytelling and physics. Tynker also offers the possibility of programming connected toys such as Parrot mini drones and Sphero robots. It also works with Phillips Hue and Lux personal lighting systems.


Tynker is an effective tool to teach kids the basics of programming in a simple and entertaining way. The interface offers great quality and appealing design and the games included will let children discover the wonders of programming language while they have fun. It is a platform to ignite the creativity and logical thinking of kids and the app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store.

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