Wallpaper Cyclr – Cydia Tweak that Allows you to Change your iPhone Wallpaper

If you love change, a wallpaper that is automatically updated would be an appealing option. While at the moment, it is not possible to choose which wallpapers are displayed, you can get a collection of wallpapers from Tumblr (based on tags) and add them on your iPhone. The wallpapers will be changed on a regular basis so you can get something different each time.

Changing wallpapers randomly is an option available for computer users and many people love the fact that different, beautiful wallpapers will appear randomly, breaking the routine and bringing something unexpected on your device. Having the same option on your iPhone would allow you to enjoy random wallpapers to enjoy fun and variety on your device. Thanks to Wallpaper Cyclr, a Cydia tweak developed by Brian Cooper, you can ensure that the wallpaper on your iPhone is regularly changed. Here is more about this tweak.

How does Wallpaper Cyclr work?

First you will be able to specify what tags should be selected. Wallpaper Cyclr will use these tags to search for matching images on Tumblr.
Depending on how regularly you want the wallpaper to be changed, the tweak will search and select an image and then it will make sure that the wallpaper is changed. That is pretty much it. Wallpaper Cyclr is quite basic and it doesn’t offer advanced features or any frills, but that is part of its appeal. All you need to do is to set the tags while the tweak does the rest.

One of the best things about Wallpaper Cyclr is that it doesn’t affect your iPhone’s battery life. You may think that the frequent change of wallpapers will have a dramatic impact on the battery, but the truth is that the tweak works well without draining your device’s power.

Although there are many wallpaper tweaks available, Wallpaper Cyclr is set to gain a lot of attention due to its simplicity and for the convenient way in which it allows you to change your wallpaper randomly. It doesn’t offer any extras but it is quite good at what it does. It is clear that the developer has put a great deal of work in the design of the tweak, making sure that it offers all the required settings and features. It uses data, but only when it is necessary. There is also an option that allows you to download the current wallpaper by opening it in Mobile Safari. Keep in mind that it is advisable to keep the frequency of changes to a minimum to reduce the impact on your iPhone’s battery and other resources. You can get Wallpaper Cyclr on BigBoss for $0.99.

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