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What are the different types of Kindles?

Convenience and great functionality are some of the reasons why the Amazon Kindle devices enjoy a lot of popularity.You can download and enjoy content without having to connect the reader or tablet to your computer. Amazon Kindle are ideal for avid readers who want to enjoy books or magazines while they are on the go. You can also catch up with important documents when you are traveling or commuting to work. There are four main versions of the Kindle available. While you will find some similarities, each version has its own characteristics in terms of appearance and input method. We’ll take a look at the types of Kindles that you can get at this time and wil tell you how they are slightly different to each other.


Kindle keeps the original design and functionality of the first Amazon reader and tablets. Its six-inch display features Amazon’s E Ink technology to create 16-level gray scale image that allows you to avoid glare, even in direct sunlight. The Kindle only works with WiFi so you will have to stay within the WiFi signal range to be able to use the internet to browse and download media. The Kindle offers 2GB of internal storage, which gives you enough to save over 1000 books. If you are not using the internet, the battery can last up to one month and if the internet connection is on, you can still get up to three weeks of battery life. The device has a 5-way controller under the screen and two page buttons on each side of the device to move forward in the book or document that you are reading. The downside is that this version of the Amazon Kindle doesn’t offer audio support.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is a hybrid device that combines the functionality of a tablet and of an eReader. The Kindle Fire is a unique device in the Kindle series and it has a full-color, 7-inch display that is multi touch. The tablet runs on a modified version of Google’s Android platform. This gives you the chance to download and use a wider variety of applications. It doesn’t have the restrictions that other Kindle devices have so you will be able to use it as a standard tablet. The Kindle Fire comes with 6 GB of available storage and the battery lasts for about 8 hours during use. IT only supports WiFi connection.

Kindle Touch

Like the standard Kindle, the Kindle Touch has the same 6-inch E Ink screen, but the difference is that the Kindle Touch (as the name suggests), has an actual touchscreen. This means that you can swipe or tap the screen to go through the menu or turn the page on the book or document that you are reading. Another improvement that the Kindle Touch offers is its battery life. The battery can last up to two months when the wireless is not on. In addition, you get more storage space since the Kindle Touch offers 3GB of usable space, giving you even more room for books and other content. There is a 3G version available that lets you browse content and download it from anywhere you are, with 3G wireless signal.

Kindle DX

This is the largest Kindle available as it offers a 9.7-inch E Ink display that provides high contrast, which gives you 50 percent better contrast over other displays of the same type. However, the DX’ display doesn’t have a touchscreen. It comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, standard page turning buttons and 5-way controller. The battery can last around two to three weeks, depending on whether the wireless is on or not. The Kindle DX gives you up 3.3 GB of storage to save media. The device is available in a 3G version.

Kindle Keyboard

Kindle keyboard and Kindle Touch are almost the same in terms of internal specs. However, the 6-inch display of the Kindle Keyboard is not a touchscreen. The deice has a 5-way controller and a full QWERTY keyboard for input, as well as two side buttons to move forward in your reading. You can easily advanced through the pages of your book. There are WiFi and 3G models so you can choose the option that better suits your needs.


There are different Kindle options to choose from so you can get the device that better suits your preferences. If you want a versatile solution, the Kindle Fire would be the right choice since it allows you to download a greater variety of content and it has more storage space. If you are mainly interested in having an eReader, any other the other options would work well.

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