Apple VR in the works, tweet suggests

Google has now announced its Daydream VR virtual reality platform, and Samsung has partnered with Facebook’s Oculus for Gear VR, but Apple has yet to enter into the VR race. The company has been known for remaining behind trends so as to properly assess their popularity before emerging with something that Android users can brag about for years. As with all other mobile trends, so with VR. Samsung has already been in the mobile VR race for 2 years, and Google entered in 2014 with Google Cardboard that has now been realized even better in the new Daydream platform.

Well, it seems that Apple has been talking about VR with certain officials in India, so much so that one individual actually mentioned Apple VR in a tweet recently. Emraan Hashmi met Tim Cook in India and then decided to compliment him on his keynote addresses. Finally, Hashmi concluded with “Eagerly waiting for Apple VR,” which is an interesting statement. This means that it could be the case that Apple has discussed Apple VR in India (though Tim Cook has yet to address the American people about the platform). Next, it could be that Hashmi simply anticipates the arrival of Apple’s take on virtual reality on the market (not that it exists in any form as of yet).

We don’t know the answer to this, but we do know that Cupertino is interested in VR. The company filed for a patent back in 2015 that Apple requested a VR headset patent for the iPhone, which tells us that mobile VR is headed to Apple’s products any day now.

By the time Apple dives into virtual reality, Android OEMs will have taken over mobile VR (if Facebook doesn’t get to the finish line with Oculus first). We just saw recently that OnePlus has teamed up with Loop so that you can use Loop’s VR headset to buy the OnePlus 3 in VR, and Samsung, after two years, finally has a GamePad controller in store that’s designed specifically for Gear VR.

Apple VR Twitter mention



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