Battery Powered, Portable microwave, best for outdoor uses

Outdoor adventurers including those hiking, fishing, and camping can now conveniently heat their food anytime and anywhere. NXP Semiconductors in collaboration with Wayv have just designed the world’s first battery-powered, handheld cooking appliance, termed as Adventurer. It can serve a number of on the go cooking needs including heating nutritious meals quickly and easily for people at the military base in the field or even those affected by a  disaster.

Adventurer has a compact, rugged and lightweight design making it entirely appropriate for satisfying outdoor cooking needs. Its length is approximately 30 inches while the width is about 5-inches with the weight being less than 3 pounds.  The relatively small measurements mean that you can stuff it in a backpack without much worry on space.

The small microwave delivers 250W of RF power at high efficiency combined with Wayv’s RF antenna that helps in providing excellent cavity efficiency, enabling efficient energy transfer to the food. The antenna is also crucial in allowing multiple heating cycles before recharge. The battery itself can last up to 30 minutes or warm up to six meals or drinks. In additional to charging the battery with a power outlet it can also work with solar panels.

The microwave heats using laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductors as opposed to the traditional vacuum tubes or magnetrons, allowing it to be more portable. It is capable of heating up to 500 milliliters of drinks and foods in cycles of up to 5 minutes.

Adventurer showcases NXP’s leadership in developing compelling new product innovations into the smart cooking market by use of their RF technology. This technology provides maximum power transfer with controllable energy to the food, with less wasted heat. Paul Atherton, CEO, and Founder at Wayv noted during the unveiling that delivering innovative RF cooking appliance that provides convenient and healthy beverage and food heating options to consumers are the benefits they hope to bring to the marketplace.

In the first crowdfunding engagement on CrowdCube, Adventurer raised £150,000 in less than 19 hours in 2014. It is set to be launched in the US early next year and will cost about $199.

Have a look of how the microwave works

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