Full potential of Android smartphone camera unleashed in Android lollipop 5.0

Camera was never the best feature of Google’s Nexus devices and with Android lollipop that is not going to be the case any more as with the new OS Google not only brought new visual changes to the platform but also brought customization to the camera API which would improve the performance on the Nexus camera a lot.

Android Lollipop comes with V2 camera API which in simple words allow software developers to take full advantage of the camera on the Nexus smartphone as now they would have control over the shutter speed. There is also a new feature where users would be able to take pictures in RAW DNG format with lossless quality.

Taking a RAW picture can open a lot of possibilities for post processing of pictures that are taken in RAW format as there is no quality loss in a picture that is taken in RAW format and while editing a RAW image a user can take the most out of it. If you don’t know a RAW image is not compressed like JPEG and contains better dynamics, suppressed noise and many other benefits.

The new camera API also brings color correction matrix as well as fast camera shutter speeds allowing the 8MP camera on the Nexus 5 to take burst shots of up to 30fps. Things are going to change for camera on Nexus smartphones now and users would be able to get way better quality pictures than they used to as post processing matters the most after taking a pictures which is controlled through software.

A lot of other benefits would also come out in time as developers work on the new camera API. If you are a Nexus user and are using the new Camera API what differences have you noticed till now?


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