Google Pixel stars in new Nest commercial

The Google Pixel photos we’ve seen up until now show devices that have glass front and back panels, with a back-mounted fingerprint sensor/button y a camera, LED flash, and some proximity and other sensors on the back top. Interestingly enough, we’ve also seen renders of the device with something of a dark portion on the back of the device (the bottom half) with a white glass design on the top back of the device. If you’ve been paying attention to the Google Pixel leaks and rumors, you won’t need but a few seconds to watch Google smart thermostat company Nest’s latest commercial to see that the phone at the center of the setup is, indeed, one of Google’s upcoming HTC-made smartphones.

The Google Pixel phone (we know not whether the Pixel or the Pixel XL, though we think the former, since it appears easy to hold in the hands in the commercial) appears in the commercial 3 times (2 times in close proximity that the watcher can see it), and once at the end of the commercial. The message itself is in German, so we don’t know if the Google Pixel phone(s) is being mentioned or not. In the first appearance, the Google Pixel phone shows a white glass panel (similar to the iPhone 4s here) without a home button. This isn’t a Motorola smartphone, since the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus have square fingerprint sensors. This isn’t an LG smartphone, since LG has said it’s sitting out the Nexus phone manufacturing this year. The only other likely candidate would be Sony, but Sony usually has a home button of some sort. The only conclusion we’re left with is that the device in question is the HTC Google Pixel smartphone.

The next Google Pixel moment in the new Nest thermostat commercial comes in when the woman is holding the phone and her significant other is viewing something on-screen with her. See the dark, grayish area on the back of the phone? This matches the glass construction we’ve seen when the Pixel phone was formerly codenamed Nexus Sailfish. The top back of the device shows the camera, flash, and other sensors as we’ve recently seen in the most recent, non-blurry photo.

We suggest you watch the Nest video yourself, but you can also take a look at the screenshots below to validate whether or not this is the new Google Pixel phone.

What do you think?

Google Pixel screen

Google Pixel back panel

Google Pixel back panel 2


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